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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service work?
If we don't own an item, we will request to borrow it from another library on your behalf. (Also known as Interlibrary Loan).
How many active requests may I have?
No more than 10.
What types of items may I request?
You may request anything, but lending libraries often won't lend microfilms, videos, and other audiovisual materials.
May I request research and genealogical materials?
Usually, libraries won't lend them. However, copies of specific pages may sometimes be obtained.
Is there a cost for this service?
Sometimes - especially for photocopies. Indicate how much you are willing to pay on the request form. If you fail to pick-up your requested item, we will charge your account $15 to recover some processing costs.
How long does this service take?
Anywhere from one week to several weeks. If you need an item by a deadline, please note it on the request form.
How will I know when my item arrives?
We will notify you by phone or e-mail.
How long may I keep the item?
The lending library sets the due date - usually from two to three weeks.
May I extend the time I may keep an item?
The lending library determines whether or not you may keep an item beyond the due date. Call at least one week before the due date to make your request.

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