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-====== George Nicholson American Foursquare House ====== 
-{{http://​​Repository/​American_Foursquare.JPG?​100 |George Nicholson American Foursquare House}} 
-[[George Nicholson|George Nicholson]] built this [[historic homes|house]] c. 1910.  It is a classic American Foursquare, which features a high hipped roof with prominent hipped dormers. ​ Focal points of the facade are the main entry, with transom and sidelights, and the four-part focal window. ​ Rock-faced stone lintels accent the facade bays. 
-The house sits on South Main Street in [[Walton]]. 
-===== Related Topics ===== 
-  * [[Historic Homes]] 
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