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 ====== Terrill Family ====== ====== Terrill Family ======
 +John Terrill Jr. was born in Fauquier County, VA in [[1799|1799]] to John Terrill and Rebecca Cornelius, one of eleven children. ​ His family came to Kentucky when he was about five years old.  John Sr. was a board member of the Petersburg Steam Mill Company in [[1818|1818]],​ which would later become the [[ kentucky_s_largest_distillery_was_in_petersburg|Petersburg Distillery]]. ​ Several of John Sr. and Rebecca'​s children were born in Boone County. ​
 +The family moved to the area in the early part of the 1800'​s. ​ Some of the children stayed in Boone County, while others moved west, mostly settling in Howard County, MO.
-===== More Information ===== 
 {{ http://​​Repository/​terrill_family.jpg?​200|Terrill family}} {{ http://​​Repository/​terrill_family.jpg?​200|Terrill family}}
 +John Terrill Jr. first married Eliza [[graves_family|Graves]] of Boone County March 30, [[1823|1823]],​ who died after only six months of marriage. ​ John later married Nancy Walton, of Bracken County, in [[1825|1825]]. The Terrill family was closely linked to the [[walton_family|Walton]] family, as two of John's brothers married Nancy'​s sisters. ​ John's son, George married Amanda Walton of Mason County. ​    
 +John and Nancy owned a large farm in [[Petersburg|Petersburg]],​ and had the following children: ​
 +Elizabeth Rebecca Terrill, b. [[1826|1826]],​ [[george_w_terrill|George Washington Terrill]], b. [[1828|1828]],​ [[william_h_terrill|William H. Terrill]], b. [[1829|1829]],​ Parke W. Terrill, b. [[1832|1832]],​ [[robert_q_terrill|Robert Quimby Terrill]], b. [[1834|1834]],​ James E. Terrill, b. [[1837|1837]],​ John M. Terrill, b. [[1838|1838]],​ [[joshua_terrill|Joshua Cornelius Terrill]], b. [[1840|1840]],​ and [[simeon_f_terrill|Simeon F. Terrill]], b. [[1843|1843]].
 +Four of the eight sons died at fairly young ages.  Parke died in Howard, MO. in 1851,at the age of 19; he is buried with his Uncle Joshua'​s family. James died from consumption in 1860, at the age of 23. John died from drowning in the [[ohio_river|Ohio River]] at the age of 12.  Simeon died during the Civil War, in 1863, at the age of 20. Robert died in a shooting incident on the Lawrenceburg Ferry in 1867. 
 +Of the five sons of John and Nancy Terrill who fought in the [[civil_war|Civil War]], two fought for the Union (William and Robert) and three fought for the Confederacy (George, Joshua and Simeon). ​ The extended Terrill family in Boone County and Howard County, MO appears to have sympathized with the Confederate cause. ​ Far fewer Terrill men are listed in service to the Union.  ​
 +Most of the Terrills were buried in Petersburg.
 +===== More Information =====
 +{{ http://​​Repository/​2_163_George_Terrill_Home,​_North_Bend.jpg?​300|George Terrill House in North Bend}}
   * [[http://​​POLARIS/​view.aspx?​subject="​Fusion Digital Collection",​ "​electronic photographs",​ "​terrill family"​|Browse photographs]] of the Terrill family   * [[http://​​POLARIS/​view.aspx?​subject="​Fusion Digital Collection",​ "​electronic photographs",​ "​terrill family"​|Browse photographs]] of the Terrill family
   * //​[[http://​​Repository/​TerrillCem.pdf|Terrill Cemetery Register]]//​   * //​[[http://​​Repository/​TerrillCem.pdf|Terrill Cemetery Register]]//​
 +  * //​[[http://​​POLARIS/​Search/​components/​ajaxFusionContentFrm.aspx?​bid=326231&​titl=The+haunted+ferry|The Haunted Ferry]]// by David Piatt  ​
 +  * [[http://​​POLARIS/​Search/​components/​ajaxFusionContentFrm.aspx?​bid=457800&​titl=Terrill+family+file+1|Terrill family file 1]]
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