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Unless stated otherwise, to use these Research Tools from home you must type your library card number when prompted.

Amazing Animals (KYVL)
Amazing Animals contains reference and media materials on 1200 animals for grades 2 and above.
Encyclopedia Britannica Elementary (KYVL)
Encyclopedia Britannica for pre-K and elementary school students to grade 5.
Encyclopedia Britannica Middle (KYVL)
Encyclopedia Britannica for middle school students from grade 6 to 8.
Explora Primary School (KYVL)
Explora is EBSCO’s interface for Schools and Public Libraries. Explora supports both student research and classroom instruction with the following features:
Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (KYVL)
Offers rich media for middle school and higher.
LearningExpress Library (KYVL)
LearningExpress Library provides practice tests for Elementary, Middle, and High School students. Please note: You must register before you can use the site’s resources. To register, you will simply need to create a user name and password.
Literature Resource Center
Biographies, bibliographies, journal articles, and critical analyses of more than 120,000 authors and their works.
The New Book of Knowledge (KYVL)
Engaging graphics and lively, age-appropriate text motivate young students through the research process for elementary students and beyond.
Novelist (KYVL)
Find information on authors, fiction books, book discussion guides, theme-oriented book lists, best fiction book lists, and teacher resources.
Opposing Viewpoints
Supports high school, public, and academic library research.