Star Trek: Original Series

Monday, March 30th, 2009 | TV

Star Trek The Original Series
Reviewed by Elizabeth
Yeah, yeah, I know! You would have to be old, a total nerd, or just plain crazy to watch a campy science-fiction show that was off the air before anybody was on the moon. But give Star Trek a chance. It’s not just a cheesy show about space travel. Instead, it uses the premise of space travel to introduce concepts and ideas which are relevant today.  An engaging cast of characters keeps things interesting and a sprinkling of humor lightens the mood. And when the science gets too fantastic, the special effects too bad or the acting too melodramatic, Star Trek is also good for a few laughs. So pick up an episode or two if only to learn what’s so great about a forty-year-old sci-fi show.  Who knows-you might even like it

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