The Uglies Series

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The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld
Reviewed by Katie K., Boone County High School, 10th grade
Our society is long gone, destroyed by a plague on the one most important resource we rely on: oil. Now our cities are nothing more than museums of the past and lessons to those who want to challenge the new regime. Now, in Tally’s world, you dont get to drive at 16, you become pretty, whether you agree with it or not. So what is Tally supposed to do when her newest best friend runs away from it all to live in the Smoke, a legendary hide out for all those who never want to become pretty, and special circumstances get involved? Does she betray everyone she’s learned to love just to become pretty? How much can special circumstances do to destroy the life she has worked so hard to obtain, even when she was meant to destroy it? Tally must fight for everything, even her own mind, as she fights every level of this new world. This new and high tech adventure will keep you glued to its pages until the very last fight between everything taught and everything learned.
You’ll never be able to predict what happens next.

The Parliament of Blood

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The Parliament of Blood by Justin Richards
Reviewed by Katie K., Boone County High School, 10th grade
Below the normalcy of the British Museum lies a secret department dedicated to the artifacts that shouldn’t exist. Technologies dated back to long before their creations and writings best left unread. There lies the ancient mummy, Orabis. For years Orabis, lay unobserved in the basement of the museum until a society already seeped in controversy insists that the mummy not only be displayed, but unwrapped. Sir William, the director of the inexistent is surprised by the society’s involvement but allows the event to proceed. But when the ancient mummy walks out of the ceremony, no on knows what to think. Most people pass it off as a joke, a prankster having a little fun. Yet, when the truth of the matter and the monsters surrounding it become more and more unbelievable no one can deny that the fiction has become reality and the wellbeing of humankind is in catastrophic danger.  George, Liz, Eddie, and Sir William must now work against time and logic to discover the truth behind the greatest lie of all time.

Absolutely Maybe

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Absolutely Maybe by Lisa Yee
Reviewed by Jessica B. Homeschool, 10th grade
Maybelline Mary Katherine Mary Ann Chestnut (though she prefers to be called Maybe) has hair that changes color frequently (she colors it with kool-aid).  She rims her eyes with dark black eyeliner; she wears dark purple lipstick, baggy jeans and men’s XL black tee’s that are way too big for her.  To some people she may look like trouble, but there is more to Maybe then her looks. Unfortunately, her charm school graduating, beauty pageant winner mother just doesn’t seem to get that. After a number of disturbing events are thrown upon Maybe, she decides to run away to Hollywood to find her birth father. But, he may turn out not to be the person she thought he was…  (Recommended for Grades 9+)

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