The Simpson’s Movie

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Simpsons(Rated PG-13)
Reviewed by Katie K., 10th grade, Boone County High School

Everyone’s favorite Fox comedy, finally in movie length form. In the town of Springfield, pollution has officially reached problem levels. The problem is no one seems to care. The U.S. government is getting involved, and that can’t be anything good for this town.  Lisa Simpson fights to get attention, and the pollution is cleared, until Homer, to worried about doughnuts, pollutes, and the town is on the verge of extinction. Is there anything Lisa can do to save her family and her town now, or will their town become the new grand canyon? Find out in this explosively funny movie featuring Spiderpig and a whole cast of the well known, hilarious characters everyone has come to love.

The Princess Bride

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The Princess Bride (Rated PG)
Chelsea, 11th grade, Boone County High School
The Princess Bride is a classic tale of adventure and romance.  It’s a fascinating account of true love shared by Buttercup and Westley. The story begins with Westley, a poor farm boy, leaving to travel so that he is able to gather the funds needed to wed his beloved Buttercup. Before he can return his ship is overcome by the Dread Pirate Roberts, and he is killed. Five years later Buttercup, finds herself engaged to Prince Humperdinck of Florin. Kidnapped by a trio of outlaws, she is saved by her soul mate’s murderer, Roberts himself. As it turns out Roberts is Westley.  Follow the story that proves true love can withstand anything, be it fire swaps, revenge, or death itself.


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Rent (Rated PG-13)
Reviewed by Katie K., 10th grade, Boone County Public Library
Rent is an emotional movie about the adventures of seven friends living in New York City, as they struggle with life, love and AIDS.  Follow them on their unforgettable journey as they face life-changing events, heartbreak and death. You will be engulfed in Roger’s struggle to overcome the past, Mimi’s struggle to overcome and addiction and Mark’s story as he is stuck in the middle.  This movie teaches us how to live now and not dwell in the past, or lose ourselves in the future.  This movie will touch your soul and you’ll want to watch it over and over again.

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