TAG Lock-In 2011 B

TAG Lock-in 2011

About the Teen Advisory Group (TAG)

Mission Statement

The Teen Advisory Group provides insight and advice to the Boone County Public Library concerning the interests of teens, ways to provide respectful service to teens, and the feelings of teens toward the Library and its services. TAG promotes teamwork, leadership skills, and literacy for the teen population in Boone County.


Since formation in 2005, TAG remains open to all high-school-age teens (grades 9-12). Active members from high schools and homeschool co-ops number between 20-30, and they meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month in Main Library, at 6:30 p.m. Teens interested in becoming official members must attend three TAG meetings, complete a membership form, and agree to the code of conduct.

TAG Code of Conduct
  1. Members will treat each other respectfully at all times. They will not put each other down, make fun of other members, or talk while other members are talking. They will not fight or use abusive language.
  2. Members must keep a positive attitude during meetings. TAG is a positive group.
  3. Members will make a genuine effort to make each meeting productive.
  4. Members will not use personal media devices during meetings. They will keep cell phones on vibrate. Members who need to take or make a phone call will leave the room.
  5. Members will clean-up after themselves at each meeting.
Benefits of Membership
  1. TAG offers opportunities to develop teamwork skills and to assume leadership roles in the community. Teens involved with TAG take-on special projects for the library, including:
    • organizing service projects in the community
    • creating and planning fun library programs
    • reviewing new books, movies, and music for the library collection
  2. A suggestion box will be available at each meeting for TAG members.
  3. Pizza! Free pizza is available at each meeting.
  4. Member-only events, such as all-night library lock-ins.

Questions? Contact Pamela at Main Library.

Middle School Advisory Committee (MAC)

But, I’m in middle school and want to join TAG! Try MAC!

MAC is the place for middle schoolers to voice their opinions about the library. You get to recommend purchases and to help in creating and planning programs. This group offers an opportunity to earn volunteer hours and is also a great place to have fun!… Oh, and you get to throw paper at the librarian who coordinates your ideas. So, please join us on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Have questions about MAC? Contact Jordan at the Main Library.