Because Who Doesn’t Love a Good Laugh?

Read a humorous book this month!

Laughter is a great form of stress relief — it can improve your mood, and that’s no joke. Pick up a book from the humor genre this month and laugh your way through the pages! Everyone has different ideas of what is funny, so we are including a list of authors who write a variety of humorous stories, from satirical to offbeat and mysterious to heartwarming. This is just a small sample of authors known to write humorous fiction; ask your local librarian to help you find more as well as some nonfiction laughs. Click on one of the author’s names below to see their books in the Library’s catalog.

Meg Cabottickle

Carol Higgins Clark

Jennifer Crusie

Janet Evanovich

Fannie Flagg

Joan Hess

Carl Hiaasenpeacocks

Lisa Lutz

Alexander McCall Smith

Christopher Moore

Sarah Strohmeyer

Adriana Trigiani

Donna Andrews

“I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh” – Maya Angelou


Shaun Powell has worked for BCPL for 11 years. Her favorite things are: Ohio State Buckeyes, traveling, and spending time with her nieces and nephews.



Thinking About our Dads as Father’s Day Approaches

     As Father’s Day approaches, we remember the fathers and father figures in our lives. We reminisce on how they lived their lives and influenced ours. And if we were lucky enough to have positive relationships with our dads, we think about the good times, funny stories, and words of wisdom that they shared with us. A few  BCPL staff members share memories and thoughts about their fathers in this library blog post for Father’s Day.
     Dawna Neil
Teen Librarian, Scheben Branch
My dad used to give me this thing we called the “Flying Hug and Kiss.”  Whenever my dad came home from work, I’d run toward him at top speed.  He’d pick me up, fly me in a circle, pull me in for a hug, and then give me a kiss.  He’s a big, tall man, and this was the thrill of my day.
     Ally Doerman
Youth Services Associate, Main Library
AllyI have inherited a lot of great traits from my dad, including my love of music and movies (specifically cartoons), my sarcasm, and my sense of humor. My dad is definitely the jokester of our family. I’ve never really thought twice about being handed a birthday gift wrapped in a paper grocery bag and 17 layers of duct tape.
     One year for our annual family Christmas party White Elephant gift exchange, in his typical jokester fashion, he wrapped up this picture of himself as his gift. Out of all the dads in the world, I’m so thankful that I have one that never fails to make me laugh.
     Jennifer Timmerman
Youth Services Manager, Scheben Branch
I am number 5 of 7 children.  My father was active duty in the Air Force for more than 30 years.  By definition, we moved frequently.  I remember my father saying to us as children if we were complaining about one thing or another:  ” Keep your eye on the donut, not on the hole.” I have shared that wisdom with my own family and think of my father every time.
     Tyra LaVerne
Youth Services Associate, Main LibraryTyra
My dad is such an inspiration to me. He has shown me what hard work, dedication, faith and perseverance is. Almost 5 years ago, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma. This past May, on his 57th birthday, he participated in the Flying Pig Marathon. He completed the marathon, finishing 7th of all the walkers.  I love my dad and could not be more proud of him.
     Ginger Stapp
Youth Services Associate, Scheben BranchGinger
When I was a kid we would drive to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park at least once a year. My dad loves The Smokies and taught me to appreciate the peace and beauty of the forest and streams.  I treasure the memories of going there as a child.
     One time we were rolling along and my brother and I were arguing, as usual. My mother was telling us to be quiet, as usual.  My peace-and-quiet loving dad suggested a breath-holding contest.  He would time Jody and me by counting in his mind, “One Mississippi, Two Mississippi”, and the person who could hold their breath for the longest number of “Mississippis” won. This went well for a while.
     We asked him if he could hold his breath longer than we could.  He said that he thought he could hold his breath for a whole minute.  He let me use his watch and I started timing him.  He was doing great! A minute passed like nothing! So I decided not to say anything and see how long he could go.  I stopped him at two minutes and he said that was the longest minute he had ever experienced and was just about to give up.  Thirty years later he and I still laugh about it.
 Teresa    Teresa Curtis
Early Literacy Specialist
My dad and I have this tradition of watching movies together. It’s something that we share similar tastes in. Every Saturday night we would either rent a movie or I would bring one in. There’s just something really nice about sharing a love of film with your dad.
     Becky Kempf
Public Relations Coordinator
I miss talking to my dad. He doesn’t talk any more and he doesn’t remember me, but I dadremember him. My dad could learn anything, fix anything and build anything. He taught himself how to build a boat. He practiced by building little rowboats and sailboats for all of his nephews and then he drew the plans for a 40 ft. wooden sailboat and built it. Shortly afterward, he was asked to present on his boat at a professional boat builders symposium.
     He sailed his boat on Lake Erie on weekends when he wasn’t working at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Eventually he retired from the Air Force and went to work for the Pentagon. He moved the boat to the coast and would sail on the Atlantic Ocean on weekends.  He once told me that he did legally what Ollie North did illegally — he negotiated weapons contracts with foreign countries.
     My dad tried his hand at so many things and he was good at all of them. He was a photographer, cartoonist, writer, engineer, cook (he made awesome homemade cinnamon rolls), grandfather, colonel, negotiator, educator and so much more. I know that some of who I am is from my dad and I see his spark in my own children as well as my niece and nephew. A part of my father will always be with us.