Start Seeing Things…In The Dark! New Exhibit at the Library!

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Boone County Public Library will reveal what thrives beneath the soil, under the sea, in the shadows of night and within other dark environments in the traveling exhibition, In the Dark, on view now through September 5 at the Main Library, 1786 Burlington Pike, in Burlington. Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m., Saturday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday: 1 – 5 p.m.


This interactive touring exhibit, produced by the Cincinnati Museum Center, will Day vs Night - Desert Habitat jpgallow you to enter some of the world’s areas with little or no light. Discover how animals, plants and people have adapted to dark environments as you are surrounded by the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of ecosystems at night, below the ground, inside caverns and deep in the sea.

In the Dark includes sophisticated life-like dioramas, fiberglass models, information panels and hands-on components, such as computer games, mechanical displays, and chemical experiments.

Exhibit view 2Find out how bobcats, barred owls, spotted skunks, flying squirrels and salamanders forage for meals and learn how bats feed on night-blooming cacti in the Darkness of Night component of the exhibit. Discover what lurks below the soil as you learn about the animals that thrive just beneath the Earth’s surface in Darkness within the Soil. Get a look at what dwells below the ground in a typical backyard with a life-size diorama featuring a cross-section of earth that reveals moles, cicadas, bumblebees, worms, millipedes, slugs and other animals that call the soil “home.”

In Darkness Deep within Caves you will examine open and closed cKy Limestone Karst Cave jpgave systems and learn the natural processes that form each type of cave and the unique organisms found inside. The dioramas include a walk-through re-creation of a limestone solution cave and a closed ecosystem found in Romania’s Movile cave.

In the Dark has toured throughout the U.S. and Canada, visiting over 40 venues in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Honolulu, Philadelphia, Oklahoma City, Memphis, San Antonio, Las Vegas, and Regina, SK. This is the first time the exhibit has ever been on display in a library or in Kentucky! Take advantage of this opportunity to experience In the Dark on display in your own community without the cost of an admission ticket!

Read for fun and prizes all summer long!

SR 2016 poster outlinesDiscover the Earth this summer through Boone County’s annual summer reading program (June 1 to August 31)
and the national traveling exhibition, Discover Earth: Our Changing Planet (at the Scheben Branch until August 5). Everyone, from birth to adult, is invited to participate in Summer Reading and read for fun and prizes all summer long! Pick up family reading logs for kids and reading tickets for adults at BCPL locations beginning June 1, or register online at


Preschool Program (birth to four years) Reading Buddy

  • Earn a free book after completing 10 activities.
  • Earn coupons to local restaurants and a reading buddy after completing 20 activities.
  • Earn an activity ball and 1 entry into the Preschool Grand Prize Drawings for illuminated globes after completing 30 activities.

After you have completed your 30 activities, earn another entry into the Grand Prize drawings each time you complete an additional 10 activities.

Youth Program (kindergarten to twelfth grade)globe

  • Earn a book of your choice after completing 300 minutes
    (5 hours).
  • Earn coupons to local restaurants and your choice of a
    fossil kit or notebook after reading 600 minutes (10 hours).
  • Earn 5 Library Bucks* and one entry into the Youth Grand Prize Drawings for illuminated globes or a Kindle (provided by Amazon) after completing 900 minutes (15 hours) of reading.

After you have completed your 15 hours of reading, earn another entry into the Grand Prize drawings each time you complete an additional 5 hours of reading.

Watch a short video with Tales, the library’s dragon mascot, and see all of the Youth Reading program prizes.

Adult Program
Everything you read, watch, or listen to earns 1 Library Buck*, 1 entry into weekly drawings for $25 Kroger gift cards and 1 entry into the Adult Grand Prize drawings for illuminated globes.

*Library Bucks can be used at Library book sales and to pay Library fines.