Farewell, PAWS to Read!

For five and a half years PAWS to Read has partnered with Boone County Public Library to provide opportunities for children and families to read to a licensed therapy dog. Consisting of 12 licensed therapy dogs from a variety of breeds, the PAWS to Read group has devoted over 300 hours of service to this library program.

In that time, over 4,000 library customers have enjoyed spending time with the PAWS to Read dogs, who have earned the thanks and gratitude of many loyal fans. The PAWS to Read dogs are:

  • Squirt
  • Patrick
  • Brodie
  • Bailey
  • Jack
  • Wilma
  • Toby
  • Cleo
  • Shelby
  • Derby
  • Daisy
  • Doc

Tim and Shelley Rose are the enthusiastic creators and coordinators of the PAWS to Read group and reading program. They organize the group, maintain the schedule, and ensure that at least 4 dogs visit the library for every PAWS to Read session.  Tim and Shelley are the heart and soul of the group and have devoted countless hours to providing a joyous reading opportunity at the library for children and families.

paws to read dogSince 2008, from one to four days per month, the PAWS to Read dogs have visited various Boone County Public Library locations.  During a typical two-hour session, 35 – 40 children visit to read to their favorite dog for about 15 minutes.  When the children arrive at a PAWS to Read session, they eagerly grab books, snuggle down in chairs or on the floor, and escape into the joy of reading to their favorite canine friends.  Many children have developed special relationships with particular dogs and their owners and visit the library for many sessions to spend time with their very special friends.

Sadly, time does pass and we all grow a little older. Our PAWS to Read friends are no exception.  After more than five years and over 300 hours of faithful service, the dogs are ready to slow down.  On Saturday, November 15, 2014, our PAWS to Read friends will make their final appearance at the library.  To honor their years of service and dedication, the library would like to invite PAWS to Read fans to stop by the Main Library and say goodbye.  Most of the dogs will be present and would love to see their library friends.  Thanks to a generous donation by a PAWS to Read fan, honorary service plaques will be presented to each dog, and refreshments will be provided.  Hours for the farewell celebration are 10:00-12:00.  Anyone wishing to schedule a 15-minute reading time may do so by calling the Main Library at 859-342-2665.  We hope you can join us in bidding our PAWS to Read friends a fond farewell.


Elaine Demoret has worked at Boone County Public Library for six years as a Youth Services Associate in the Children’s Department.  Her mission is to bring quality children’s programs and performers to the library from a variety of community resources.

Did you know the Library has meeting rooms you can use?

Did you know that BCPL has meeting rooms for you to use, and all you need is a library card? In Fiscal Year 2013 – 2014, over 2400 organizations and groups used our facilities to hold a total of 33,000 meetings!

The types of meetings that take place here include pre-school graduations, continuing education classes, awards banquets, girl scout and boy scout troops, moms’ clubs, homeschool groups, piano recitals, job fairs, GED testing, crafting groups, networking groups, banks, homeowner associations, legal depositions, bible studies, book clubs, study groups, CPR/first aid trainings, chess clubs, babysitting classes, and the list goes on and on.

Some of the area businesses and organizations that meet here are Boone County Schools, St. Elizabeth Hospital, KY Transportation Cabinet, Boone County Parks, Boone County Water Rescue, American Cancer Society, Heritage Bank, Immaculate Heart of Mary, NorthKey Community Care, Free store Food Bank, Transitions and many more!

We always have a few requests that we can’t accommodate. For instance, cheerleading practice, and the request to hold a funeral service. So unfortunately, sometimes we do have to say no.  The largest crowd that the Library had from an outside group was the Heroin Awareness Rally. Over 600 people came together to discuss how this epidemic has impacted their family.

There are many perks for using the library to host your meeting – most rooms are FREE, there is on-site technical support, free use of our A/V equipment (microphones, laptops, projectors), and access to a good environment. The Main Library has a café where you can order lunch to be delivered to your meeting room, or you can have food catered from an outside source.

Meeting rooms are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations should be made at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.  Reservations may not be made more than two months in advance.  An organization may schedule no more than two reservations per month. Exceptions may be made for government agencies and library organizations. Reservation requests are not final until confirmed by library personnel.

The Library strives to make meeting room spaces available at little or no charge.  Most spaces are available free of charge, however there are times when fees apply. The following are standard fees for the reservation of the Library’s large combined rooms. Main Library – Combined Room ABC‐‐ $25/4‐hour reservation fee. Scheben Branch – Combined Room AB‐‐$25/4‐hour reservation fee.

If you have any questions about using a meeting room at the Library, feel free to email me at kutz@bcpl.org or call me at 342-BOOK, ext 8145.  Having access to free meeting space is just another perk to having a Library card!


Kathy Utz has managed the meeting rooms at the Main Library for six years.  She loves helping people and is passionate about the community, her family and their basset hound, Flash.