Looking for something to read? We can help!

Have you ever experienced that moment when you have read every book your favorite author has written, with no idea what to read next? Are you overwhelmed when you walk in the library, not sure where to even start to find your next book? No need to worry, BCPL can help you with that! Whether you like to read thrillers, romance or  a series of books ( just to name a few), the Books page on the Library’s website, www.bcpl.org, has many helpful links that can connect you with items to check out that are specifically suited to your taste. No need to wander aimlessly down the library aisles! Let me fill you in on the wonderful tools that are in place to help you.

If it’s a book you are interested in, you might like our Reading Recommendations site.This site provides adults with reading recommendations that suit your preferences. Just fill out the form with as much detail as possible and our readers’ advisory staff will create a personalized reading list for you! We do our best to make appropriate reading selections based on the information you provide. We also offer the same service for movies and music: Movie Recommendations and Music recommendations.

BCPL also offers access to a Readers’ Advisory database called Novelist. You will need your library card to gain access to this site. This database offers read-alike services. If you happen to like James Patterson, you can find authors that write in a similar style. You can also describe a plot and Novelist will offer several titles pertaining to the details you entered in your search. You can search by author, title, genre and topics. Do you like to read award winning books? Novelist offers several lists of award winning titles to look through. Do you pick books according to your mood? Novelist offers suggestions according to appeal factor such as “Heartwarming and Funny”, “Sweeping and Dramatic”, or “Haunting and Dark”

If you are one of those people that just cannot stand reading a series out of order, What’s next? is the sight for you. Enter an author’s name and the site will offer a list of the order in which the series is to be read.

Did you find an interesting title in a magazine or hear a great recommendation from someone at work and would like the library to buy it? Fill out our Purchase Recommendation form.

Have you become a fan of our Kentucky Libraries Unbound service? If you would like to recommend a title, fill out our  Download Purchase Recommendation form.

Do you have several authors that you follow? Do you have a hard time keeping up with their new releases? Let BCPL do that for you. We offer a service called Hot Authors. Fill out the form by check marking your favorite authors and we will automatically put you on hold for their latest items.

You may also borrow books from other library systems: Inter-library Loan.

Customers do this for many reasons, for example, if a customer wants to start reading an author that is new to them, but we don’t have the book and it’s no longer in print, we can ask another library system to loan it to us for you.

Don’t forget about the most valuable resource the library has, its employees! Do you like having a conversation about the book you just read? Do you like the back and forth between you and the employee about what you liked about a book, what you didn’t, what type of books you like and why? Come on in for a conversation, employees love books and love talking about them too!  Oh no! You just came in and the desk seemed just so busy, you didn’t feel right starting up that conversation.  Then schedule a one-on-one. One of our employees would be glad to walk you through our Books page, and offer suggestions on finding your next great read.

With so many variety of items to check out, there is something that will appeal to every taste. Whether it’s a paranormal romance novel, suspenseful movie, or the latest pop music CD, Boone County Public Library’s Books page will connect you to your next check out!


Karen Helmle has been with BCPL since 1999, first as a Circulation Assistant, currently as a Public Service Associate. Nothing pleases her more than finding a great book and sharing it with patrons and co-workers!



The Robot Zoo: Hands-on Museum Exhibit at the Library!

We are thrilled to announce that a 5,000-square-foot traveling children’s exhibit based on the popular book, The Robot Zoo, will be on display at Boone County Public Library, 1786 Burlington Pike, in Burlington, from October 5, 2015 to February 28, 2016. The exhibit uses the biomechanics of giant robot animals to illustrate how real animals work.

The Robot Zoo is one of the most popular exhibitions ever to tour science centers and natural history museums. It has appeared in major venues across the globe, such as the Museum of Picture4Science and Industry in Chicago, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. This is the first time this exhibit has been installed in a library. The museums that displayed The Robot Zoo all charged admission. You have the unique opportunity to experience it free of charge at Boone County Public Library.

The exhibit includes giant robot animals and hands-on activities designed for children from ages 4 to 12. Some of the exhibit’s interactive experiences include:

  • Chameleon Tongue Gun — Triggering the Tongue Gun demonstrates how a real Picture7chameleon shoots out its long, sticky-tipped tongue to reel in a meal. Use a joystick to aim the head of a robot chameleon, then press a button to fire its long tongue at one of several insect targets.
  • Race a Squid — Pump air into a squid model and propel it up a tube to simulate the high-speed swim of a giant squid. Race the four squids to the finish line!
  • Eye to Eye — Stand behind a 5-foot-tall cutout of a house fly and get a fly’s-eye view through two 19-inch compound eyes. A real house fly can’t see fine details unless it’s up close, but its eyes (each with about 4,000 six-sided lenses) can detect even the slightest movement in all directions.

The Robot Zoo is really awesome, but don’t take our word for it, watch this video and see for yourself! Want more information? Visit our website. The Robot Zoo provides new insights and hands-on fun for discovering just how animals work. Tell your friends and neighbors and spread the word! Don’t miss this opportunity to bring your family to a free children’s museum exhibit right here in Boone County. A big thank you to our sponsor, Duke Energy!