The Truth is Stranger than Fiction: Mystery & Mayhem 2017

This May, we turn our attention to the true crime genre and invite you to join us for Mystery and Mayhem: The Truth is Stranger than Fiction. Whether it’s the O.J. Simpson trial and the TV series American Crime Story or the 1975 best seller Helter Skelter, Boone County Public Library has something to satisfy your inner detective. Our collection of true crime books, and movies based on these often sensational events are consistently among the most popular in our system.

If you aren’t familiar with it, this nonfiction genre explores horrific crimes and the motivations of the criminals that commit them.  These stories are most likely to be told from a reporting point of view, a historical slant, as a biography or memoir, or from a sociological or psychological perspective.  Similar to mysteries, readers often like true crime because they like to try to solve the puzzle. These stories allow us to follow along as facts are revealed and as investigators pursue the case, and we try to understand what motivates someone to commit terrible crimes. We wonder what we might do if caught up in a terrifying situation, root for justice to be served and ponder the perennial question of good vs. evil.

Visit any BCPL location in May to check out a true crime book and while you are there, enter to win one of the Mystery & Mayhem gift baskets. Each branch will be giving away a themed basket. After the branch basket drawings, all entries will be combined to draw one winner for the Grand Prize Mystery & Mayhem basket with these fun items:

  • $50.00 gift card to Pompillio’s 
  • 2 Gift Certificates for Newport Gangster Store
  • Clue Game
  • DVD American Crime Story
  • Popcorn
  • 2 Books

We’d love to have you join us at one of our interesting programs, in May, that will focus specifically on true crime. 

Teens are invited to join us on Thursday, May 4, from 6:30 to 8 p.m at the Florence Branch, 7425 US 42 in Florence, for Forensic Science: Fingerprinting 
Through hands-on activities with crime scene investigator, Brian Cochran, learn how police officers recover and lift fingerprints at crime scenes. Please register.

On Wednesday May 24 at 7 p.m., the Scheben Branch, 8899 US 42 in Union, will be the site for Sensational Crimes in Boone County. Learn more about events that in their day were the talk of the county.

Like something out of a CSI episode, the Florence Branch will, on May 30 at 7 p.m., host the program Horror or Hero? Flies and Forensic Entomology.  Learn how the study of fly maggots that feed on corpses can help resolve criminal investigations. Forensic entomology is one of the newest sub-disciplines to be recognized by international judicial systems. It deals with some of the most unpleasant evidence of all disciplines – fly maggots that feed on corpses. This presentation will serve as an introduction to forensic entomology and how scientists are using flies to help with criminal investigations. The organisms that will be highlighted are all around us and we often come in contact with the species used for investigations around a garbage can or feeding on a dead squirrel. While this can be a very gruesome topic, the topic will be explored at a level appropriate for adults and children. All are welcome. Please register.

When you visit the Library this May, our own book detectives, a.k.a. Librarians can help you find just the right thing to satisfy your inner crime scene investigator.  Or, if you prefer to remain incognito, browse the Mystery and Mayhem True Crime Display at any Branch.


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