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Sensory Room at Main

Picture of the Sensory Room
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What is the Sensory Room?

Boone County Public Library’s Sensory Room is a specially designed room that offers calming activities, tactile manipulatives, therapeutic equipment, and more. The Sensory Room allows patrons to extend their stay at the library in an inclusive space that accommodates sensory needs. It is open to anyone who would find it supportive.

How do I use the Sensory Room?

The Sensory Room remains locked unless it is in use. The room can accommodate up to five people total at a time, or one family. The Sensory Room can be reserved for 30 minutes. To use the Sensory Room, ask the Library staff at the desk. When you are done with the room, let the staff at the desk know, and they will sign you out. Please check the Sensory Room Policy for more details.

To prepare for your visit to the Sensory Room, you can check out the Sensory Room Social Narrative.

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What's in the Sensory Room?

Hammock Swing
Great for gentle rocking.
Activity Wall
These three panels offer tactile, visual and sound sensations.
Crash Pad
Whether you're jumping, tumbling or just lounging around, the Crash Mat is always the perfect place to land.
Steamroller® Deluxe
Works on motor planning skills, body awareness and shoulder stability as they work their bodies out of the device.
Interactive Bubble Tube Corner
The platform is adorned with colored spots which, when pressed, change the color of the bubble tube and stop and start the bubbles inside.
LED Projector
A displayed nature scene on the wall that promotes relaxation.
Weighted Stuffed Animals
A comfort item that helps with body awareness and promotes focus.
Vibrating Pillow
When hugged, the vibrations soothe the senses and block out distractions.
Stones to step on that strengthens balance and coordination.
Sensory Floor Tiles
A satisfying sensory experience when you step on or touch the tiles, colors spread around!
Fidget Toys
Handheld tools to play with that help relieve stress.
Puzzles and Books
A calming activity that gives a sense of accomplishment.