Chronicles of Boone County

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1810 Boone County Tax List

NameAcreageLocationTithablesSlaves over 16Total Slaves
Arnold, John 112
Alloway, John570 2nd rate acresTaylor's1512
Allin, Thomas235 3rd rate acresWoolper123
Aylor, Benjamin100 2nd rate acres 101
Bridges, David 111
Brockman, Andrew200 2nd rate acres 102
Botts, Rowland 112
Bush, John300 2nd rate acresOhio133
Bates, William300 2nd rate acresClark & Hawes1410
Brockman, William52 2nd rate acres 113
Brown, John671 2nd rate acresOhio114
Berkshire, Dicky200 3rd rate acresMiddle Creek125
Brady, William500 3rd rate acresGunpowder112
Boswell, John80 2nd rate acresWoolper123
Brockman, Moses125 2nd rate acres 101
Brockman, William121 2nd rate acres 1411
Cave, John310 2nd rate acres
378 3rd rate acres Woolper158
Cave, William168 2nd rate acres 138
Cloud, Jane265 2nd rate acres
544 3rd rate acresPendleton County035
Cherry, Polly400 2nd rate acres 116
Colquhoun, James 033
Cave, Benjamin156 2nd rate acres 1915
Craig, John H.200 1st rate acresOhio122
400 2nd rate acres
300 3rd rate acres
Cox, Samuel413 2nd rate acresFranklin County114
Conley, Arthur150 2nd rate acresMud Lick111
1400 2nd rate acresGallatin & Pendleton
Conner, Reuben113 3rd rate acresMud Lick116
Crisler, David330 2nd rate acresGunpowder111
Crisler, Lewis300 2nd rate acres 111
Carson, Juliann225 2nd rate acresDry Run012
Craig, Philip400 2nd rate acresOhio122
Craig, Francis438 2nd rate acresOhio111
Craig, John, Sr.150 2nd rate acres 166
Delaney, John52 2nd rate acres 111
Depew, Abraham100 2nd rate acresSand run123
Dulaney, Suckey42 2nd rate acres 036
Deweese, Lewis126 2nd rate acres 113
Dumas, Silas 101
Dudgeon, James800 1st rate acresBourbon101
Dicken, James121 2nd rate acres 111
Deitum, Richard300 2nd rate acres 116
Early, Whitfield150 2nd rate acresSecond Creek1311
Fowler, Edward 101
Finnel, Robert135 2nd rate acresMud lick101
Gaines, Abner190 3rd rate acresMud lick134
Gaines, George193 2nd rate acresGarrison116
Graves, John425 2nd rate acresGarrison1611
Graves, Joseph 113
Graves, Reuben300 2nd rate acresWoolper115
Graves, Abraham677 2nd rate acresOhio126
Graves, James250 2nd rate acres 101
Graves, Jeremiah219 2nd rate acres 101
Green, William200 2nd rate acresWoolper & Ohio112
Green, Thomas145 2nd rate acresWoolper244
Garnett, Edmund539 2nd rate acresmost on Garrison2314
243 3rd rate acres
Glore, Michael161 2nd rate acresSand run112
Garnett, Elijah63 2nd rate acresSand run102
Grant, William150 2nd rate acres 115
Garnett, Robert125 2nd rate acres 115
197 3rd rate acres
Hamilton, John 112
Henderson, Joseph37 3rd rate acresE— Creek [Eagle]111
Hume, Ebzapham290 3rd rate acresBig bone126
Hamilton[?], William 3316
Harvey, William 114
Hedges, Samuel205 2nd rate acresOhio146
185 3rd rate acresLocust
Hall, John116 2nd rate acresSand run126
Hawkins, John236 2nd rate acresWoolper112
Harvey, John 200 2nd rate acres 111
185 3rd rate acres
Hawkins, Jameson151 2nd rate acresWoolper311
200 3rd rate acresScott County
Hawkins, Joseph, Jr. 122
Hogan, Elijah175 2nd rate acresMiddle Creek111
Hawlett, John120 3rd rate acres 102
Huston, Archibald225 2nd rate acresOhio102
Johnson, Robert116 3rd rate acresWoolper102
Johnson, Benjamin600 3rd rate acresPendleton County102
Johnson, Cave600 1st rate acresOhio1716
372 2nd rate acresOhio
400 2nd rate acresDry Ridge
354 2nd rate acresWoolper
Jones, John, Sr.160 2nd rate acresOhio1411
Kirtley, Mary350 2nd rate acresSecond Creek0716
Kirtley, Elijah 137
Kirtley, Robert250 2nd rate acres 133
Kirtley, Jeremiah153 1st rate acresOhio138
213 3rd rate acresWoolper
Love, John 33 1st rate acresBourbon112
80 ? Rate acresWoolper
Miner, Elliott60 3rd rate acres 112
Mosby, Daniel170 2nd rate acresOhio136
Matthew, Chichester92 2nd rate acresSand Run123
Montague, William260 2nd rate acres 124
McCoy, William98 2nd rate acres 147
Mitchell, Benjamin80 2nd rate acres 113
Markland, Richard120 2nd rate acresWoolper111
193 2nd rate acres
Montague, Cave 123
Moore, William130 2nd rate acres 112
Moss, Zeally75 2nd rate acres 114
500 3rd rate acres
McManama, James200 2nd rate acres 127
Moore, Alexander 101
Norman, Caleb65 2nd rate acres 102
Neal, John, Sr.204 2nd rate acres 111
Noble, Thomas150+ 1st rate acresOhio149
Overton, Reuben 101
Offert, Lewis 101
Poster/Porter, George173 2nd rate acres 111
Pernsella, Timothy101 2nd rate acres 101
Prentiss, Thomas430 2nd rate acres 124
Powell, Abraham 101
Parker, Tudor159 2nd rate acresOhio1310
Piatt, Jacob320 2nd rate acres 144
Rouse, Samuel100 2nd rate acres 125
Rafferty, Malcolm200 2nd rate acres 1411
Robinson, Stephen100 2nd rate acres 135
Riddle, Lewis162 2nd rate acres101
Riddle, William 1412
Rogers, William500 2nd rate acresWoolper113
Robinson, John225 3rd rate acres 125
Ryle, James200 2nd rate acres 228
Ryle, Larkin 126
Ryle, John 129
Sandford, Laurence160 2nd rate acresSecond Creek125
100 2nd rate acres
Shepherd, John 113
Smith, John130 2nd rate acresOhio1510
Smith, Augustine235 2nd rate acresWoolper101
Sebree, Uriel420 2nd rate acresWoolper125
Stevens, Benjamin 112
Stevens, John123 3rd rate acresBank Lick101
Sleet, Weedon183 2nd rate acresMud lick123
Summers, Caleb343 3rd rate acresCraig's Creek10
Souther, Abraham150 2nd rate acres 112
Smith, Nathaniel103 3rd rate acres 111
Tull, Samuel100 2nd rate acresBig bone101
Tolbolt[?], James100 1st rate acresOhio124
Tousey, Zerah120 2nd rate acresOhio212
Terrel, John310 2nd rate acresWoolper1713
Thomas, Nathan200 2nd rate acres 237
Thomas, Edmund 112
Watts, Nathan 1413
Watts, Johnson1306 2nd rate acres 1819
500 3rd rate acresCampbell County
Watts, John 113
Worrel, William200 2nd rate acresWoolper112
Wilhite, William190 3rd rate acres 123
Worrel, William 111
Wallace, Patrick 114
Whitaker, Thomas120 2nd rate acres 101
Webb, Edward100 2nd rate acres 111
Wilson, Christopher129 2nd rate acres 112
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