Chronicles of Boone County

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* 1820 * 1821 * 1822 * 1823 * 1824 * 1825 * 1826 * 1827 * 1828 * 1829

John Merrill is Sheriff.


Boone County


  • The Old Court wins the fight, as the law abolishing the Old Court is repealed.

U.S. & World

  • Secretary of State Henry Clay and John Randolph, a supporter of Andrew Jackson, fight a duel over Randolph's accusation that Clay made a corrupt bargain in supporting Adams for president. Both men misfire, and no blood is shed.
  • The American Society for the Promotion of Temperance is founded in Boston, as a passion for moral reform sweeps the land.
  • The lyceum movement in American adult education gains popularity. Public lectures and educational societies teaching farmers and workers proliferate.
  • French scientist J.N. Niepce produces the first permanent photograph.

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