Chronicles of Boone County

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 {{   ​http://​​Repository/​John_Cleves_Short_by_Smithsonian_American_Art_Museum.jpg?​175|John Cleves Short by the Smithsonian Art Museum}} ​ {{   ​http://​​Repository/​John_Cleves_Short_by_Smithsonian_American_Art_Museum.jpg?​175|John Cleves Short by the Smithsonian Art Museum}} ​
   * [[Piatt family]]   * [[Piatt family]]
-  * [[|Notes on Piatts with Abolitionist Ties]]+  * [[​search/​asset/​25652/​0|Notes on Piatts with Abolitionist Ties]]
 === John Cleves Short ===  === John Cleves Short === 
 //Ohio with Boone County ties// //Ohio with Boone County ties//
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