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Free African American heads of household 1810-1840

Information about the individuals included in this list were found within the United States Census records for Boone County, KY, for census years 1810-1840. Unless otherwise noted, his list includes individuals listed as heads of household, who have been designated as “all other free persons” or “colored” in the census headings, depending on the census year. The total number of persons listed includes the head of household and any other person indicated as “non-white” or “colored.”

There were free African Americans counted in the households whose heads were listed as white, but these are not included in this list, unless otherwise noted.

1810 U. S. Census

Head of housholdTotal All Other Free Persons
Enock Burke2
George Burke3

1820 U. S. Census

Head of housholdTotal Free Colored Persons
Joseph Rolling 8
Benoni Dixon 5

1830 U. S. Census

Head of householdTotal Free Colored Persons
Lucinda Clark 8
James Clark 5
Matthew Cushenberry2
Charles Lee3
Sam'l Jenkins2
Joseph Rollins7
Talbot 1

In 1830, Joseph Rollins is listed with a white male, 60-70 yrs old and a white male under 5 years old, in 1820 no whites are listed in Joseph Rolling's household.

Head of household “Talbot” is listed immediately after Ben I. Cole, who is a white head of household, with a “free colored” woman listed in his household. In 1811, Ben I. Cole married a woman named Alcey Clark. Though it isn't stated in their marriage record, perhaps Alcey Clark is connected free African Americans Lucinda and James Clark, who also appear in the 1830 census.

1840 U. S. Census

Head of HouseholdTotal Free Colored Persons Total Slaves
Squire Flurney (Flourney)41

In addition to the free persons in his household, Squire Flournoy is listed with an enslaved man, between the ages of 10 and 24 years old in his household.

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