Chronicles of Boone County

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African Americans in the Militia in 1875

Compiled for the African Americans in Boone County Project sponsored by Preservation Kentucky. Enrolled Militia. Boone County Court. Boone County Administration Building. Burlington, Kentucky. Names are noted as listed in the record, not necessarily in alphabetical order.

Arna, Nelson Allen, William Allen, Henry Adams, John
Bain, Henry Bohannon, Hubert Bell, Willis Bell, John
Bush, Robt Burton, Geo. W. Brown Willis Brooks, Henry
Boyers, Samuel Bell, George Brooks, George Brown, Henry
Brook, Emanuel Brown, John Bates, Jas L. Bates, James
Bradford, Henry Brown, Henry Brock, John Coleman, Columbus
Clore, Frank Conner, Hugh Cleek, Richard Clutterbuck, Bus.
Coleman, Henry Cleveland, Wm. Cooper, Charley Clore, Alfd.
Crigler, James Cave, Ben Carter, Abram Cason, Henry
Craig, Thos. Collins, James Cristopher, John Carpenter, Isaac
Carter, George Carter,Jacob Clark, Joe Crutchfield, Frank
Duncan, Esom Davis, Joseph Dulaney, Fred. Dulaney, Chas.
Dixon, Henry Dudley, Simeon Dixon, Wm. Earley, Hiram
Earley, Wm. Elsner, Wm. Evolk (?), George Franklin, Benj.
Foster, Geo. Jr. Foster, Robt. Foster, Willis Finney, Rueben
Foster, John Frazier, John Gaines, Walker Graves, Hubert
Graves, Edmund Garnett, Willis Graves, Walker Graves, Ding
Gregg, Phillip Garnett, Henry Garnett, Moses Garnett, Wade
Gibbs, James Gibbs, Erastus Graves, John Hornly (?), Anthon H.
Hurley, Allen Hayden, Erastus Harrison, Henry Hughes, Geo. W.
Hind, Boone Holden, Dud Hayes, Orange Hawkins, Arthur
Haines, Elijah Hamilton, Paul Kirtley, Luther Jones, Joseph
Leathers, Jno. Jones, Milton Johnson, Moses Johnson, Thos
Lovely, Thomas Lewis, Nathan Lilly, Lewis Ingram, Oliver
James, Thos. James, Thos. (listed twice) Johnson, Harris Loudon/London, Wm
Madison, Reuben Minor, Harrison Marshall, Thomas March, Fredk.
Mitchell, Henry Morton, Henry McDaniel, Richd Madison, Wm.
McDaniel, Wm. Mingo, Thos. Marshall, Wash Marshall, Henry
Monroe, Adam Neal, Thomas Osburn, Charles Osburn, Woodford
Paigne, Henry Price, Bird Parker, George Parker, James
Parker, George Pink, Saml. Reed, Henry Riddell, Wm.
Riddell, Sam. Rice, Calvin Robbinson, Eli Riggins, Ambrose
Ross, Henry Ross, Robert Roseberry, George Riley, Jacob
Robbinson, Sam Rice, Moses Rice, Henry Rice, Henry (listed twice)
Scott, George Strader, Jacob Sleet, Robert Smoots, Charles
Steel, Nat Slawter, Sawney Sleet, Dick Sheets, George
Stanfield, George Stephens, Sawney Sebastian, Frank Souther, Robert
Stephens, Richd. Thornton, Geo. Thornton, Richd. Thornton, Anderson
Trail, Wm. Thomas, Sandford Trail, Edwd. Taliaferra, Haywood
Tucker, Miles Taylor, Jno. W. Thomas, Urias Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Lewis Utz, Charles Utz, Jeff Utz, Michael
Cair, John Jones, Went. Sleet, Wm. Sleet, John
Sleet, Wm Sleet, James Vest, Alfd. Vest, Rice
Walton, Richd Williams, Chas. Webb, Alf. Webb, Pete
Wilson, John Walden, Jerry Williams, Smith White, Chas.
Washington, Geo. Ward, John Williams, Alf. Wadkins, Solomon
Zellers, Abram Zellers, Logan
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