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 ====== Anderson Ferry ====== ====== Anderson Ferry ======
-Located on the [[Ohio River]] across from Cincinnati'​s Delhi area, the Anderson Ferry is the oldest continually operating [[ferries|ferry]] in [[Boone County]].  ​ 
 {{ http://​​Repository/​BE0116.JPG?​300|The Anderson Ferry crossing the Ohio River}} {{ http://​​Repository/​BE0116.JPG?​300|The Anderson Ferry crossing the Ohio River}}
 +Located in [[Constance]],​ the Anderson Ferry is named for George [[anderson_family|Anderson]],​ who bought it in [[1817]] from Raleigh Colston. The Andersons built a large stone house overlooking the [[ferries|ferry]] where the family resided and operated a [[taverns|tavern]]. The Anderson family owned the ferry operation until [[1841]], when son Evan transferred the property to Montague McClure. According to legend, the transfer was the result of a lost poker game. 
-A crossing was founded at the spot in the early 19th centuryand in [[1817]] the ferry operation was purchased by George Anderson He operated it until [[1865]]when it was taken over by the [[Kottmyer family]], who ran it until the late 20th century It is still in service today, operated by another member of the [[Anderson family]]. +The business changed hands numerous times until 1865when Charles ​[[kottmyer_family|Kottmyer]] bought it for $2,800, along with two acres of land. Two years later, Mr. Kottmyer converted ​the ferry operation ​from horse power to steam power. Kottmyer'​s first steam ferry was christened Boone No1 in honor of Daniel Boone. Since 1867, nine ferries have been named for Daniel Boone, the last being Boone No. 9 in 1992. Four generations of the Kottmyer family ​owned the business until it was sold to Paul Anderson in 1986. It isn't certain if Paul is related to the original ​Anderson family. ​Todaythree ferryboats make numerous trips across ​the [[Ohio River]] 364 days a year. It remains one of the oldest continuously running ferry operations ​in the United States, with over 190 years of service.
- +
-The ferry originally was powered by horses walking on treadmills thatin turn, rotated ​the paddlewheels. ​ In [[1867]] steam power was introduced, and in the 1930s diesel-powered sidewheelers were added.+
-A stone [[hotels|inn]] and [[taverns|tavern]] once stood at the ferry landing. 
 ===== More Information ===== ===== More Information =====
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