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 ====== Big Bone Baptist Church Cemetery ====== ====== Big Bone Baptist Church Cemetery ======
-This was the cemetery for the earliest [[churches|church]] in the [[Big Bone]] region. +This was the cemetery for [[Big Bone Baptist Church]], ​the earliest [[churches|church]] in the [[Big Bone]] region. 
-{{ http://bcplfusion.bcpl.org/Repository/1_35.jpg?200|Tombstone of Patrick and Nancy Wallace}}+<​html><​img alt="​Tombstone of Patrick and Nancy Wallace"​ src="​https://bcp.ent.sirsi.net/client/en_US/​search/​asset/​22597/​0"​ width="​200" align="​right"​ title="​Tombstone of Patrick and Nancy Wallace"></​html>​
 ===== More Information ===== ===== More Information =====
-  * [[http://catalog.bcpl.org/POLARIS/view.aspx?subject="​Fusion Digital Collection",​ "​electronic photographs",​ "Big Bone Baptist Church Cemetery"​|Browse photographs]] ​of Big Bone Baptist Church Cemetery +  * [[https://bcp.ent.sirsi.net/client/en_US/​history/​search/​results?qu=big+bone+baptist+church&​te=&​lm=LHDC|Browse photographs ​and materials]] on Big Bone Baptist Church Cemetery 
-  * //[[http://bcplfusion.bcpl.org/Repository/BigBoneBaptistCem.pdf|Big Bone Baptist Church Cemetery Register]]//​+  * //[[https://bcp.ent.sirsi.net/client/en_US/​search/​asset/​25371/​0|Big Bone Baptist Church Cemetery Register]]//​
 ==== Related websites ==== ==== Related websites ====
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