Chronicles of Boone County

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Big Bone Springs Health Resort

The Clay Hotel was built on Big Bone Lick State Park. Big Bone Hotel The resort was popular between the years of 1815 and 1845. The salt lick at Big Bone was an attraction because it was said that the minerals from the salt healed many illnesses and created a leisure paradise for those who wanted to be cured. The Clay Hotel was secluded but many visited to bathe in the springs, drink the sulphur water and visit the wells. The mineral water was also bottled up and sold for visitors to drink. By the early 1900s, the health resort had vanished due to the invention of automobiles and movie motion pictures. In 1916, Big Bone Springs Mineral Water Company opened to sell the mineral water but did not last long. By 1945, the health resort remains had completely vanished, however, visitors were still interested in the geology and paleontology associated with the grounds.

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