Chronicles of Boone County

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Early Boone County Deeds filed in the Kentucky Court of Appeals

This information was recorded on page 49, Boone County Deed book E:

DateParties' Names Details
15th Feby. 1817 Thomas Todd Trus. of Thos Carneal deceased to Thomas Davis Carneal, Executor of said Thos CarnealBoone County, no other information given
20th Sept. 1799John Harvey and Wife to Thomas Carneal An equal half part of 30,000 acres, patent entered by John Harvey in Boone County
18th June 1817 John Taylor to Uriel Sebree $3,572.00 for 526 34/100 acres on the Woolper wartercourse in Boone County
12 May 1820Martin Walker (illeg) & Thomas Griffin to Robert WickliffBoone County, no other information given
9th Feby. 1820 Ann Clarke Thruston to Barnard Farrow & John P. Teelen 2,666 2/3 acres in Boone County

A Copy Test Achilles Snead, CCA

Boone county Clerk's Office

This memorial of Deeds Recorded in the Court of Appeals was this day produced for record, And thereupon the same is recorded

Given under my hand this 9th day of Dec. 1820 - Willis Graves, CBC

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