Chronicles of Boone County

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Booth/Boothe Family

The Booth/Boothe family arrived in the Richwood area of Boone County before 1810. John Boothe (-1826) and his wife Martha (last name unknown) (-bef. 1830) had five children: John (1810-), Permelia (1805-); Elijah (-1835); Gilbert (1811-1880); and Harrison (1813-1877). Elijah and Gilbert married Waters sisters, Elizabeth and Matilda respectively. Harrison Booth, who married Lucinda Robertson, is buried in the Booth Family Cemetery located in the Triple Crown subdivision. Although Harrison Booth and Mollie Snow (aged two) have the only marked gravestones visible in the cemetery, at least 20 individuals are thought to be interred in the cemetery. Little Mollie was the daughter of Robert F. Snow and Catherine Booth.

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