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 +======D. B. Wallace House, BE-908======
 +{{  http://​​Repository/​be__908_walton.jpg?​400|D. B. Wallace House}}
 +Excerpt from the 2005 National Register Nomination for the [[national_register#​s_main_street_historic_district|South Main Street Historic District]].
 +This house was built in the early years of the 20th century for banker David B. Wallace (1859-1933),​ president of the Walton Equitable Bank (BE-216). Simple yet imposing, it is a brick American Foursquare residence of cubical massing with pyramidal slate roof and hipped dormers. Flush stone lintels cap the large, 1/1/ sash; an Iopnic portico shelters the entrance. The house appears on the 1927 map, noted as a "​veneered"​ building. Its similarity to the Robert Ratcliff House suggests it was the work of the same builder, George Nicholson.
 +====Related Topics====
 +  * [[walton|Walton]]
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