Chronicles of Boone County

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 Located at 5656 Burlington Pike, Burlington, Ky on the [[dinsmore_homestead|Dinsmore Homestead]]. Located at 5656 Burlington Pike, Burlington, Ky on the [[dinsmore_homestead|Dinsmore Homestead]].
 +In the summer of 1867, James Dinsmore hired local men to begin work on the graveyard wall. For twenty years, the Dinsmores had been burying their family members and the African American slaves and freedpeople on the hill beside the house. Now Dinsmore wanted to have a wall to enclose the graves. His daughter, [[isabella_ramsay_dinsmore_flandrau|Isabella Flandrau]], had just died that June and perhaps his aching, seventy-seven year old bones reminded him of his own mortality. Over the years, as the gravestones and the wall aged, the place became a picturesque retreat for James' surviving daughter, Julia. She planted flowers near the graves and enjoyed watching the sun set over the Ohio River from atop the hill. When Julia managed the farm, the hillside was a well-manicured vineyard, allowing her to view the river and Indiana countryside beyond - what a beautiful spot! 
 Front row, from left to right Front row, from left to right
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