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 +======Discoveries in Family Research======
 +By: Hillary Delaney
 +Investigating family history can bring a wealth of untold stories and characters. ​ The more details that are revealed about our ancestors’ lives, the more we begin to understand them and connect with the person behind the records and documents. ​ Such was the case when a woman with [[Boone County]] roots began her quest for family history here at the library.
 +Beverly Lewis started with lot of information about her family, going back several generations,​ so she may not have expected anything surprising to emerge as the process continued. ​ Military history is often a great place to look for all kinds of information on an ancestor, including: where they lived, when they died, and where and with whom they fought. It was through the records of Beverly’s 5x Great-grandfather,​ that an interesting document was found. ​ Her ancestor, Linsfield Bicknell, was a spy. 
 +Early records indicate that Linsfield Bicknell was born in either North Carolina or Kentucky, but was living in Estill County, KY by 1813.  Like many other early Kentuckians,​ Bicknell served as a soldier in the [[War of 1812]]. He is found under the command of Captain Farris in March 1813, but is quickly transferred to a small “Company of Spies” commanded by Captain Leslie Combs. ​  Combs had been at the Raisin River massacre, just two months prior, and reenlisted to support the Ft. Meigs campaign on the Maumee River in Northern Ohio.
 +This small detachment of young men were tasked with getting much-needed military intelligence through British lines to General William Henry [[harrison_family|Harrison]] at the first siege of Ft. Meigs. ​ The General was to be notified of the position of the Kentuckians,​ under Gen. William Dudley’s command, who were sent to help defend the fort from the British and Native American forces.
 +Linsfield Bicknell, who was undoubtedly chosen for his sharp-shooting and scouting skills, arrived on May 5, 1813, a date now known as “Dudley’s Defeat.” ​ After fierce battle, hundreds under Dudley’s command, including Captain Combs’ “spies,​” were captured. ​ Many of the men (including Dudley) were massacred at the hands of the Native Americans after capture, while the British commander watched. ​ Beverly’s ancestor thankfully escaped this fate, but was injured in the melee, and held captive for a full year before being ransomed. ​ He returned to Estill County in 1814, and was married in May of that year.
 +Linsfield Bicknell’s pension file reveals that he suffered injury from a “tomahawk to the shoulder” during his service, causing his shoulder to dislocate frequently. ​ He applied for an increase in pension in 1834, which he received. ​ Bicknell and his wife Mary had thirteen children, and Linsfield lived to be nearly eighty years old.  Having made this discovery, his 5x great-granddaughter Beverly can regale future generations with tales of this brave and interesting ancestor.
 +=====More Information=====
 +  * //​[[http://​​POLARIS/​view.aspx?​cn=311829|Abstracts of Pensions for Soldiers of the Revolution, War of 1812 and Indian Wars Who Settled in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky, Vol.3]]//
 +  * //​[[http://​​POLARIS/​view.aspx?​cn=118663|Remember the Raisin!]]//
 +  ​
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