Chronicles of Boone County

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 +======Donald Barger House (BE 42) ======
 +Located at the corner of Front and Main Streets in [[Petersburg]],​ the Donald Barger House is a well preserved example of the hall parlor cottages located in Petersburg and throughout Boone County, built ca. 1880.  The interior of the house contains unusually decorative woodwork, including: black iron mantles with gold stenciling, a built-in cupboard and unusual trim work. A porch was added to the kitchen entrance in the early 20th century.  ​
 +=====Related Topics=====
 +  * [[Historic Homes]]
 +====Related Websites====
 +  * National Register Information (PDFs), [[https://​npgallery.nps.gov/​NRHP/​AssetDetail?​assetID=1dc4e84d-8406-485f-88cc-63dd6b7f926d|inventory form and photos]]
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