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Free Blacks in Boone County, 1860 Census

Information on these 47 individuals was gathered from the 1860 Federal Census for Boone County, Kentucky by searching for “black” and “mulatto” in the race/nationality box of the Ancestry Library Edition database.

NameBirth YearGender
David Blairabt 1810Male
Adam Brockmanabt 1795Male
Keziah Brockmanabt 1792Female
Mack Carpenterabt 1814Male
Charles Clarksonabt 1783Male
Judith Clarksonabt 1812Female
Wyatt Clarksonabt 1800Male
John Clarksonabt 1851Male
Phillis Cleekabt 1780Female
Sarah Corlisabt 1808Female
David Davisabt 1806Male
Shelton Ellisabt 1825Male
William Eubanksabt 1780Male
Judith Eubanksabt 1781Female
Letty Finnellabt 1820Female
Julia F. Finnellabt 1852Female
Squire Flernoy (Flournoy)abt 1793Male
Nancy Flernoy (Flournoy)abt 1826Female
George Fosterabt 1825Male
Stephen Gainesabt 1800Male
Jane Gainesabt 1810Female
Erastus Gibbsabt 1825Male
Erastus Gibbsabt 1827Male
James Gibbsabt 1833Male
Doctor Gibbsabt 1843Male
Nice Glennabt 1810Female
Handy Howlettabt 1815Male
Mary Humeabt 1810Female
Nancy Murdockabt 1765Female
Susan Nealabt 1849Female
Mary Parkerabt 1776Female
Benjamin Parkerabt 1805Male
Frank Sebastainabt 1782Male
Simon Sleetabt 1797Male
Lavina Sleetabt 1805Female
America Sleetabt 1805Female
Robert Sleetabt 1852Male
Mary J. Sleetabt 1854Female
John Stewartabt 1815Male
Emily Stewartabt 1830Female
James Stewartabt 1850Male
Lucy Stewartabt 1852Female
Columbus Stewartabt 1856Male
John Stewartabt 1858Male
Charles Vestabt 1810Male
Samuel Yowellabt 1791Male
Jane Yowellabt 1801Male
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