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George Sperti

Dr. George Sperti was born in nearby Covington, Ky. He was the founder of the basic science laboratory of the University of Cincinnati and the founder and head of the Institute of the Divine Thomas.

While still a young man Sperti invented and perfected an instrument for precisely measuring the vast quantities of electricity used by major industries. He was invited to begin a new basic sciences program at the U.C. Later in his own labs he developed a sunlamp, an iodine wound ointment and Preparation H. He also developed processes for irradiating foods, especially milk. The income from his commercial products financed the Institute, allowing him to charge no tuition.

During World War II when the seaweed base for agar used in petrie dishes was cut off by the Japanese, he and Dr. Kowalski (later dean of the U.C. College of Pharmacy), working from the Florida branch of the Institute, developed a war-time substitute. He also served on the U.S. War Production Board.

Sperti later owned a farm in Burlington where he lived and raised thousands of laboratory rats.

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Dr. George Sperti (4 parts)

Presented by Lana K. Brueggen, 2011

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