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 +======The Horse Barn, c. 1842======
 +//By Cathy Callopy//
 +The [[dinsmore_family|Dinsmore family]] owned about two hundred acres of hills behind the main house. ​ Although the hills themselves were utilized as sheep and goat pastures, the lower portion was kept as a horse pasture. ​ If you follow the path to the left of the [[carriage_house|carriage house]], you will find the horse barn, which was originally joined with mortise-and-tenon construction. ​ On top of the ridge was the Dinsmore orchard. ​ According to the 1880 census the farm had approximately one thousand apple trees and one hundred peach trees. ​ The documentation left by [[james_dinsmore|James]] and [[julia_dinsmore|Julia Dinsmore]] indicates that they also planted cherry, quince, plum, and pear trees. ​ A tenant house was located on “Cherry Hill” and the cistern from this homesite is still visible from the hiking trail.
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