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 +====== James August Hoelscher (1930-1951) ======
 +Corporal James August Hoelscher was born on July 4, 1930, to Anna Parker and August F. Hoeslcher, who was himself a veteran in the 1st Pioneer Army in [[World War I]]. James fought in the 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division. ​
 +On September 24, 1951, seventeen days after he arrived in Korea, he was killed in action in the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge. His funeral was held in his hometown, [[Walton]], in January 1952, and he was buried in [[https://​www.findagrave.com/​memorial/​148658632/​james-a_-hoelscher|Saint John Cemetery]], Ft. Mitchell. He was survived by his parents and three sisters. ​
 +He was awarded several medals, including: the Purple Heart, the Combat Infantryman'​s Badge, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, and the Korean War Service Medal. ​
 +===== References =====
 +Ancestry.com,​ //WWI, WWII, and Korean Casualty Listings// [database online]. Provo,UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2005.
 +===== Related Topics =====
 +  * [[war_in_boone_county|War in Boone County]]  ​
 +  * [[Korean War]]
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