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Jonas Clore House and Grant Post Office (BE 8 and BE 9)

Jonas Clore House

Located on Main Street in Belleview, the house (pictured left) and adjoining post office (pictured below) were built in 1878 for Jonas Clore, who served as Belleview postmaster. Possibly the finest massed-plan dwelling in the county, the Clore House is embellished with bracketed eaves, lancet-arched attic vents, and a shed-roofed porch with chamfered posts. An inscription on a closet door reads: “Jonas Clore, Built March 2, 1878, McIntyre Builder.”

An original privy and coal shed stand in the rear yard. The house and post office have been lovingly preserved. Both were added to the National Register, the house in 1989 and the post office in 1990.

Grant Post Office

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