Chronicles of Boone County

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Justice of the Peace

Boone County began with a tradition of Justices of the Peace acting as a County Court. On the first Court, which met 17 June 1799, there were five Justices, who had been commissioned by the Governor: John Hall, John Conner, John Brown, Archibald Huston, and Archibald Reid.

The Justices in Kentucky served without pay in the early period, though later they were granted a small compensation. Even the fees they received when they held Court were supposed to be turned over to the County at intervals.

List of Justices and Sheriffs of Boone County 1798-1852

Name Notes
John Hall 23 Dec 1798 Commissioned Sheriff 26 Jan 1801
John Conner 23 Dec 1798 Vacated by Death
John Brown 23 Dec 1798 Commissioned Sheriff - refused to Qualify, Apr 1803
Archibald Huston 23 Dec 1798 Commissioned Sheriff, 20 Apr 1803
Archibald Reid 23 Dec 1798 Commissioned Sheriff, 14 Dec 1804
John Bush 26 Jan 1801 Commissioned Sheriff, 1807
John H. Craig 26 Jan 1801
Archibald Huston Commissioned Sheriff, 25 Jan 1808
Ephraim Hume 12 Jun 1801 Commissioned Sheriff, 9 Nov 1808
Alexander McPherson Commissioned Sheriff, 1 Nov 1810
William Sebree Commissioned Sheriff, 21 Jan 1813
Roger Wiggington Commissioned Sheriff, 16 Oct 1814
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