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Latimer-Walden House, BE-596

Excerpt from the Burlington Historic District National Register Nomination

The main house (c. 1860) has the appearance of an “I” house, a traditional house form first identified by cultural geographer Fred Kniffen in the 1930s. This house has a centered entry on the three-bay facade, suggestive of a central-passage interior plan. It has a broad veranda supported by plain wood posts that extends across the facade, as well as east and west elevations. The northeast corner of the house has several additions which may have been detached dependencies or may have been added to the house at indeterminate times.

There is also a 1-story wood barn with a gable roof and gable-end orientation to Union Square at the rear of the site. A shed-roofed addition has given the roof an asymmetrical appearance (c. 1890).

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