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The Obituary of Marvin Hudson

This article appeared on the front page of the February 23rd, 1939 edition of the Boone County Recorder

Marvin Hudson Succumbs Feb. 15

Was well known and loved throughout County- Services held Friday, February 17th

After a lingering and painful illness, which kept him confined since October of last year, Marvin Hudson, Jr., of Walton, Ky., passed away Wednesday, February 15th, at 10:00 a.m. He was 31.

An admirable character, a loyal friend to all who knew him, a young man who was public spirited and unprejudiced, a sincere Christian, Marvin, Jr., will be sadly missed in all the circles, of home, friends, and acquaintances, with which he was associated in his various walks of life.

The high esteem in which he was held by his many friends was made obvious by the large crowd which assembled at the Hudson home on the Walton-Beaver road Friday, February 17 at 2:00 p.m. for the funeral service, and by the mass of lovely flowers which had been sent as tokens of remembrance, love, and respect.

A quiet, impressive service, such as Marvin, Jr., might have chosen as a farewell gathering for his friends, was made beautiful by the fitting remarks of the several ministers who best knew him, and who spoke sincere words made possible by close friendship. Two appropriate songs. “Abide With Me” and “My Faith Looks Up to Thee” were read by Rev. R.R. Rose, pastor of the Walton Methodist Church, of which Marvin, Jr., was a member. Two beautiful poems were read, one by Rev. Cross, of the Richwood Presbyterian Church; the other, a tribute to Marvin, Jr., was written and read by Rev. C.E. Brown, pastor of Verona Baptist Church. Other ministers who paid tributes of friendship were Rev. Alford, of the Walton Baptist Church and Rev. Irvin of the Walton Christian Church. Prayer was offered by Rev. Bedinger.

Pallbearers were J.B. Johnson, Powers Conrad, Evan Hance, Clifford Powers, Walter Vest, and Harold Rouse. Burial was in the Walton cemetery. Arrangements were in charge of Chambers and Grubbs.

Marvin, Jr., leaves to mourn his passing, his devoted parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Hudson; two aunts, Misses Anna and Martha Hudson, of Walton; three uncles, Robert Green, of Beaverlick, Joseph Green, of Erlanger, and William Green, of Madisonville, Oh.; several cousins and other close relatives, and a host admiring friends.

To those who witnessed Marvin’s many hours of suffering, during which his ever-abiding faith in God, and his patient submission to His will were so apparent, there comes the comforting thought that Death may be very sweet.

God Said, “My son, your vigil has been long,

You’ve fought an earnest fray,

Come now, and join the Heavenly


I’ll take you home today.

I’ve tried and tested- you’ve been


A brave, hard race you’ve run;

A better place I have for you,

Come home and rest- my son.”

And so the burden passed away,

“Peace” replaced the look of strain

And Death seems sweet to me-


Since that face reveals no pain.

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