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 ^Name^Photograph^Location^Date Constructed^Date Added to the NR^ ^Name^Photograph^Location^Date Constructed^Date Added to the NR^
-|[[B.M. Allen House]] ​  |{{​100 |B.M Allen House}}  ​|Riddles Run Road |c. [[1860]] |06 Feb 1989 | +|[[B.M. Allen House]] ​  |<​html>​ 
-|[[Anderson Ferry]] ​ |{{|The Anderson Ferry crossing the Ohio River}}|River Road |Early 19th Century |1973| +<img alt="​B.M Allen House" src="​​search/​asset/​33425/​0"​ width="​100" title="​B.M Allen House">​ 
-|[[jm aylor house|J.M. Aylor House]] ​ |{{|The J.M. Aylor House}}  ​|Petersburg Road, [[Hebron]]|c.[[1860]]-[[1870]] |06 Feb 1989| +</​html>​|Riddles Run Road |c. [[1860]] |06 Feb 1989 | 
-|[[Belleview Baptist Church]] ​ |{{​75|Belleview Baptist 190th Anniversary}}|Fifth Street, [[Belleview]]|1903 |06 Feb 1989|  +|[[Anderson Ferry]] ​ |<​html>​ 
-|[[big_bone_lick|Big Bone Archeological District]]|{{​100|Big Bone Excavation}}|Along [[big_bone_creek|Big Bone Creek]]| |2002| +<img alt="​The Anderson Ferry crossing the Ohio River" src="​​search/​asset/​33367/​0"​ width="​100" title="​The Anderson Ferry crossing the Ohio River">​ 
-|[[Big Bone Methodist Church]] ​ |{{​100|Big Bone Methodist Church}}   | Beaver Road  |[[1888]] |06 Feb 1989| +</​html>​|River Road |Early 19th Century |1973| 
-|[[Blankenbeker-Riley Farm]] ​  ​|{{​100 |Blankenbeker-Riley Farm}}  ​|Hathaway Road, [[Union]]|1913 |03 Dec 2002|+|[[jm aylor house|J.M. Aylor House]] ​ |<​html>​ 
 +<img alt="​The J.M. Aylor House" src="​​search/​asset/​33375/​0"​ width="​100" title="​The J.M. Aylor House">​ 
 +</​html>​|Petersburg Road, [[Hebron]]|c.[[1860]]-[[1870]] |06 Feb 1989| 
 +|[[Belleview Baptist Church]] ​ |<​html>​ 
 +<img alt="​Belleview Baptist 190th Anniversary"​ src="​​search/​asset/​27466/​0"​ width="​100"​ title="​Belleview Baptist 190th Anniversary">​ 
 +</​html>​|Fifth Street, [[Belleview]]|1903 |06 Feb 1989|  
 +|[[big_bone_lick|Big Bone Archeological District]]|<​html>​ 
 +<img alt="​Big Bone Excavation"​ src="​​search/​asset/​23499/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Big Bone Excavation">​ 
 +</​html>​|Along [[big_bone_creek|Big Bone Creek]]| |2002| 
 +|[[Big Bone Methodist Church]] ​ |<​html>​ 
 +<img alt="​Big Bone Methodist Church"​ src="​​search/​asset/​33419/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Big Bone Methodist Church">​ 
 +</​html>​| Beaver Road  |[[1888]] |06 Feb 1989| 
 +|[[Blankenbeker-Riley Farm]] ​ <​html>​ <img alt=" Blankenbeker-Riley Farm" src="​​search/​asset/​27715/​0"​ width="​100" title=" ​Blankenbeker-Riley Farm"> </​html>​|Hathaway Road, [[Union]]|1913 |03 Dec 2002|
 |[[Clinton Blankenbeker House]] ​ |{{http://​​Repository/​be0368.JPG?​100}} ​ |[[roads|U.S. 42]], Florence|1927 |06 Feb 1989| |[[Clinton Blankenbeker House]] ​ |{{http://​​Repository/​be0368.JPG?​100}} ​ |[[roads|U.S. 42]], Florence|1927 |06 Feb 1989|
 |[[Nicholas and Gertrude Blau House]]| |Alta Vista Avenue, [[Walton]]|c. 1925|22 Feb 2007|  |[[Nicholas and Gertrude Blau House]]| |Alta Vista Avenue, [[Walton]]|c. 1925|22 Feb 2007| 
-|[[Botts House]] (Hillcrest)|{{​100|Botts House}} |Petersburg Road, [[petersburg|Petersburg]]| |1989| +|[[Botts House]] (Hillcrest)|<​html><​img alt=" Botts House" src="​​search/​asset/​27071/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Botts House"></​html> ​|Petersburg Road, [[petersburg|Petersburg]]| |1989| 
-|[[Buffington House]]|{{|Buffington House}} |Bellevue Road, [[Petersburg]]|c. 1920| |  +|[[Buffington House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Buffington House" src="​​search/​asset/​27282/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Buffington House"></​html> ​|Bellevue Road, [[Petersburg]]|c. 1920| |  
-|[[jonathan_carlton_house|Jonathan Carlton House, Schramm’s Tavern]] ​ |{{|Johnathan Carlton House}} |Market Street, [[Petersburg]] |c.[[1825]]|10 Nov 1982| +|[[jonathan_carlton_house|Jonathan Carlton House, Schramm’s Tavern]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​Johnathan Carlton House" src="​​search/​asset/​27137/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Johnathan Carlton House"></​html> ​|Market Street, [[Petersburg]] |c.[[1825]]|10 Nov 1982| 
-|[[C. Scott Chambers House and Funeral Parlor]] ​ |{{​100 |C. Scott Chambers House and Funeral Parlor}} |North Main Street, [[Walton]] |c.1920 |24 Aug 2000 |  +|[[C. Scott Chambers House and Funeral Parlor]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​C. Scott Chambers House and Funeral Parlor"​ src="​​search/​asset/​27875/​0"​ width="​100" title="​C. Scott Chambers House and Funeral Parlor"></​html>​|North Main Street, [[Walton]] |c.1920 |24 Aug 2000 |  
-|[[Chambers,​ A.E. Octogonal Barn]], a.k.a. Oak Knoll Farm|{{​100|Octagonal Barn}} |Petersburg Road, [[petersburg|Petersburg]]|c. [[1875]]|1989|  +|[[Chambers,​ A.E. Octogonal Barn]], a.k.a. Oak Knoll Farm|<​html><​img alt="​Octagonal Barn" src="​​search/​asset/​33831/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Octagonal Barn"></​html>​|Petersburg Road, [[petersburg|Petersburg]]|c. [[1875]]|1989|  
-|[[robert_chamber_house|Robert Chambers House]]| ​{{​150}} ​|Chambers Road, [[Walton]] |1914 |24 Aug 2000| +|[[robert_chamber_house|Robert Chambers House]]| ​<​html><​img alt="​Robert Chambers House" src="​​search/​asset/​27374/​0"​ width="​100"​ title="​Robert Chambers House"></​html> ​|Chambers Road, [[Walton]] |1914 |24 Aug 2000| 
-|[[chambers house|Robert Chambers House]] ​ | {{​150}} ​|East Bend Road |[[1832]]-[[1836]] |10 Oct 1975| +|[[chambers house|Robert Chambers House]] ​ | <​html><​img alt="​Robert Chambers House" src="​​search/​asset/​27386/​0"​ width="​100"​ title="​Robert Chambers House"></​html> ​|East Bend Road |[[1832]]-[[1836]] |10 Oct 1975| 
-|[[Clore House Belleview|Clore House]] ​  ​| ​{{​75|Clore House }}   | Burlington Pike, [[Belleview]] | c. [[1890s]]|06 Feb 1989| +|[[Clore House Belleview|Clore House]] ​  ​| ​<​html><​img alt="​Clore House" src="​​search/​asset/​28110/​0"​ width="​100"​ title="​Clore House"></​html>​| Burlington Pike, [[Belleview]] | c. [[1890s]]|06 Feb 1989| 
-|[[jonas_clore_house|Jonas Clore House and Grant Post Office]] ​ |{{​100|Jonas Clore House}}   | Main Street, [[Belleview]] | [[1878]]|06 Feb 1989| +|[[jonas_clore_house|Jonas Clore House and Grant Post Office]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​Jonas Clore House" src="​​search/​asset/​28937/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Jonas Clore House"></​html> ​  | Main Street, [[Belleview]] | [[1878]]|06 Feb 1989| 
-|[[Jonas Clore Log House]] |{{​100|The Jonas Clore Log House}}  |East Bend Road |c. [[1820]] |24 Aug 2000| +|[[Jonas Clore Log House]] |<​html><​img alt="​The Jonas Clore Log House" src="​​search/​asset/​28919/​0"​ width="​100" title="​The Jonas Clore Log House"></​html> ​ |East Bend Road |c. [[1820]] |24 Aug 2000| 
-|[[collins_captain_n._house_district|Captian M. Collins House]]|{{​50|Captain M. Collins House}}|Aurora Ferry Road, [[petersburg|Petersburg]]| c. [[1850]]|1989|  +|[[collins_captain_n._house_district|Captian M. Collins House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Captain M. Collins House" src="​​search/​asset/​33408/​0"​ width="​100"​ title="​Captain M. Collins House"></​html>​|Aurora Ferry Road, [[petersburg|Petersburg]]| c. [[1850]]|1989|  
-|[[collins revill house|Collins-Revill House]] |{{|The Collins-Revill ​House}}  ​|Bullittsville Road, [[Burlington]] ​ |Early 19th Century |06 Feb 1989| +|[[collins revill house|Collins-Revill House]] |<​html><​img alt="​Collins-Revill House" src="​​search/​asset/​27305/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Collins-Revill ​Farm"></​html>​|Bullittsville Road, [[Burlington]] ​ |Early 19th Century |06 Feb 1989| 
-|[[Allie Corn House]] |{{​100|Allie Corn House}}| | |06 Feb 1989  | +|[[Allie Corn House]] |<​html><​img alt="​Allie Corn House" src="​​search/​asset/​27091/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Allie Corn House"></​html>​| | |06 Feb 1989  | 
-|[[Dr. M. J.  Crouch House/​Hillcrest Farm]]|{{http://​|Dr. M.J. Crouch House}} |Hathaway Road, [[union|Union]]|1900-1924|1989| +|[[Dr. M. J.  Crouch House/​Hillcrest Farm]]|<​html><​img alt="​DrM.J. Crouch House" src="​https:​//​client/​en_US/​search/​asset/​27089/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Dr. M.J. Crouch House"></​html> ​|Hathaway Road, [[union|Union]]|1900-1924|1989| 
-|[[Sam Delph|Sam Delph Farm]] ​ |{{​100|}} |Garrison Creek Road  |[[1892]],​[[1900]]|06 Feb 1989  +|[[Sam Delph|Sam Delph Farm]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​Sam Delph Farm" src="​​search/​asset/​33493/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Sam Delph Farm"></​html> ​|Garrison Creek Road  |[[1892]],​[[1900]]|06 Feb 1989  
-|[[Dinsmore Homestead]] ​  |{{​100|The Dinsmore House|Dinsmore Homestead}}|Burlington Pike, [[Belleview]] | [[1842]]|28 Mar 1979 | +|[[Dinsmore Homestead]] ​  |<​html><​img alt="​Dinsmore Homestead"​ src="​​search/​asset/​22948/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Dinsmore Homestead"></​html>​|Burlington Pike, [[Belleview]] | [[1842]]|28 Mar 1979 | 
-|[[Daniel Dew House]]|{{​100|Daniel Dew House}}|3rd Street, [[Petersburg]]|[[1878]]| | +|[[Daniel Dew House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Daniel Dew House" src="​​search/​asset/​33618/​1"​ width="​100" title="​Daniel Dew House"></​html>​|3rd Street, [[Petersburg]]|[[1878]]| | 
-|[[Early House]]|{{​100|Early House}}|1st Street, [[petersburg|Petersburg]]|[[1825]]-[[1850]]| | +|[[Early House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Early House" src="​​search/​asset/​27064/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Early House"></​html>​|1st Street, [[petersburg|Petersburg]]|[[1825]]-[[1850]]| | 
-|[[East Bend Methodist Church]] ​ |{{​100|East Bend Methodist Church}}  ​| ​ | |06 Feb 1989|+|[[East Bend Methodist Church]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​East Bend Methodist Church"​ src="​​search/​asset/​33639/​0"​ width="​100" title="​East Bend Methodist Church"></​html> ​ ​| ​ | |06 Feb 1989|
 |[[Farmer’s Bank of Petersburg]] ​ |{{http://​​Repository/​BE0047.JPG?​100|The Old Farmer'​s Bank of Petersburg}} ​ |First Street, [[Petersburg]]|1903|06 Feb 1989| |[[Farmer’s Bank of Petersburg]] ​ |{{http://​​Repository/​BE0047.JPG?​100|The Old Farmer'​s Bank of Petersburg}} ​ |First Street, [[Petersburg]]|1903|06 Feb 1989|
-|[[Isaac Flick House]] ​  |{{|Isaac Flick House}}  ​|Burlington Pike, [[Belleview]] | [[1878]]|06 Feb 1989| +|[[Isaac Flick House]] ​  |<​html><​img alt="​Isaac Flick House" src="​​search/​asset/​27177/​0"​ width="​100" ​ title="​Isaac Flick House"></​html> ​ ​|Burlington Pike, [[Belleview]] | [[1878]]|06 Feb 1989| 
-|[[Florence Fire Station]]|{{|Florence Fire Station}} |Main Street, [[Florence]]| | | +|[[Florence Fire Station]]|<​html><​img alt="​Florence Fire Station"​ src="​​search/​asset/​33446/​1"​ width="​100" title="​Florence Fire Station"></​html> ​|Main Street, [[Florence]]| | | 
-|[[Florence Hotel]] ​ |{{}}  |Main Street, [[Florence]] |[[1870s]] |06 Feb 1989 | +|[[Florence Hotel]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​The Florence Hotel" src="​​search/​asset/​33394/​0"​ width="​100" title="​The Florence Hotel"></​html> ​ |Main Street, [[Florence]] |[[1870s]] |06 Feb 1989 | 
-|[[Benjamin Piatt Fowler House]] ​  |{{​100|}}  ​|[[roads|U.S. 42]], [[Union]] |[[1817]], 1930 |29 Oct 1982| +|[[Benjamin Piatt Fowler House]] ​  |<​html><​img alt="​Benjamin Piatt Fowler House" src="​​search/​asset/​33412/​0"​ width="​100" title"​Benjamin Piatt Fowler House"></​html> ​ ​|[[roads|U.S. 42]], [[Union]] |[[1817]], 1930 |29 Oct 1982| 
-|[[Benjamin R. Gaines House]]|{{​100|Benjamin R. Gaines House}} |Idlewild Road, [[Burlington]]|[[1875]]| | +|[[Benjamin R. Gaines House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Benjamin R. Gaines House" src="​​search/​asset/​33445/​1"​ width="​100" title="​Benjamin R. Gaines House"></​html> ​|Idlewild Road, [[Burlington]]|[[1875]]| | 
-|[[Gaines Tavern]] ​ |{{​100}}   |Old Nicolson Road, [[Walton]]|c.[[1814]],​ c.[[1830]]-[[1840]]|10 Apr 1980| +|[[Gaines Tavern]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​Abner Gaines Plaque"​ src="​​search/​asset/​27269/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Abner Gaines Plaque"></​html> ​  |Old Nicolson Road, [[Walton]]|c.[[1814]],​ c.[[1830]]-[[1840]]|10 Apr 1980| 
-|[[George-Vest House]] ​  |{{​100|George-Vest House}}  ​|Walton-Verona Road, [[Verona]]|c.[[1842]],​ 1931 |24 Oct 2000| +|[[George-Vest House]] ​  |<​html><​img alt="​George Vest House" src="​​search/​asset/​27661/​0"​ width="​100" title="​George Vest House"></​html> ​ ​|Walton-Verona Road, [[Verona]]|c.[[1842]],​ 1931 |24 Oct 2000| 
-|[[William Milburn Glore House]] ​ |{{​100 |William Milburn Glore House}} |Big Bone-Union Road, [[Big Bone]] |c.[[1853]] |03 Dec 2002|  +|[[William Milburn Glore House]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​William Milburn Glore House" src="​​search/​asset/​33415/​0"​ width="​100" title="​William Milburn Glore House"></​html> ​|Big Bone-Union Road, [[Big Bone]] |c.[[1853]] |03 Dec 2002|  
-|[[Virginia Corey Goodridge House]] ​ |{{​100 |Virginia Corey Goodridge House}}  |Main Street, [[Florence]] |1920s |24 Oct 2000 |+|[[Virginia Corey Goodridge House]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​Virginia Corey Goodridge House" src="​​search/​asset/​30042/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Virginia Corey Goodridge House"></​html> ​ |Main Street, [[Florence]] |1920s |24 Oct 2000 |
 |[[gordon s hall|Gordon’s Hall, Petersburg Opera House]] |{{http://​​Repository/​be0046.jpg?​100|The Petersburg Opera House, also known as Gordon'​s Hall}} ​  ​|Market Street, [[Petersburg]] |[[1892]]|06 Feb 1989| |[[gordon s hall|Gordon’s Hall, Petersburg Opera House]] |{{http://​​Repository/​be0046.jpg?​100|The Petersburg Opera House, also known as Gordon'​s Hall}} ​  ​|Market Street, [[Petersburg]] |[[1892]]|06 Feb 1989|
-|[[Peter Gregory House]] ​ |{{​100Peter Gregory House}} |Beaver Road |c.[[1860]]|24 Oct 2000 |  +|[[Peter Gregory House]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​Peter Gregory House" src="​​search/​asset/​29033/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Peter Gregory House"></​html> ​|Beaver Road |c.[[1860]]|24 Oct 2000 |  
-|[[Hebron Deposit Bank]]|{{|Hebron Deposit Bank}}|[[Hebron]]| | | +|[[Hebron Deposit Bank]]|<​html><​img alt="​Hebron Deposit Bank" src="​​search/​asset/​33373/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Hebron Deposit Bank"></​html>​|[[Hebron]]| | | 
-|[[Harvey Hicks House]]|{{​100|Harvey Hicks}} |Hicks Pike, [[Richwood]]| | | +|[[Harvey Hicks House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Harvey Hicks House" src="​​search/​asset/​26983/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Harvey Hicks House"></​html> ​|Hicks Pike, [[Richwood]]| | | 
-|[[Will Hind House]]|{{​100|Will Hind House}}|Stephenson Mill Road, [[Walton]]|c. [[1840]]-[[1850]]| | +|[[Will Hind House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Will Hind House" src="​​search/​asset/​33405/​3"​ width="​100" title="​Will Hind House"></​html>​|Stephenson Mill Road, [[Walton]]|c. [[1840]]-[[1850]]| | 
-|[[D. W. Huey House/Lewis Conner House]]|{{​100|D. W. Huey House}} |East Bend Road|[[1830]]s| | +|[[D. W. Huey House/Lewis Conner House]]|<​html><​img alt="​D. W. Huey House" src="​​search/​asset/​33433/​1"​ width="​100" title="​D. W. Huey House"></​html> ​|East Bend Road|[[1830]]s| | 
 |[[Hughes House]]| |Chambers Road, [[Walton]]| | |  |[[Hughes House]]| |Chambers Road, [[Walton]]| | | 
-|[[Hopeful Lutheran Church]] ​  |{{|Hopeful Lutheran Church}}  ​|Hopeful Road, [[Florence]]|1917|06 Feb 1989| +|[[Hopeful Lutheran Church]] ​  |<​html><​img alt="​Hopeful Lutheran Church"​ src="​​search/​asset/​33742/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Hopeful Lutheran Church"></​html> ​ ​|Hopeful Road, [[Florence]]|1917|06 Feb 1989| 
-|[[William E. Hudson House]] ​ |{{​100|William E. Hudson House}}  ​|Lassing Way, [[Richwood]]|c.[[1860]] |06 Feb 1989| +|[[William E. Hudson House]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​William E. Hudson House" src="​​search/​asset/​33402/​0"​ width="​100" title="​William E. Hudson House"></​html> ​ ​|Lassing Way, [[Richwood]]|c.[[1860]] |06 Feb 1989| 
-|[[Thomas A. Huey Farm]] ​  |{{​100|Thomas A. Huey Farm}} |Big Bone-Union Road |c. [[1860]] |24 Oct 2000| +|[[Thomas A. Huey Farm]] ​  |<​html><​img alt="​Thomas A. Huey Farm" src="​​search/​asset/​29904/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Thomas A. Huey Farm"></​html> ​|Big Bone-Union Road |c. [[1860]] |24 Oct 2000| 
-|[[Jenkins-Berkshire House]] ​ |{{|Jenkins-Berkshire House}}  |Mill Street, [[Petersburg]]|c.[[1860]]|24 Oct 2000| +|[[Jenkins-Berkshire House]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​Jenkins-Berkshire House" src="​​search/​asset/​33411/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Jenkins-Berkshire House"></​html> ​ |Mill Street, [[Petersburg]]|c.[[1860]]|24 Oct 2000| 
-|[[Cave Johnson House]] ​ |{{|Cave Johnson House}}   |River Road, [[Hebron]] ​ |c.[[1797]] |06 Feb 1989| +|[[Cave Johnson House]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​Cave Johnson House" src="​​search/​asset/​33363/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Cave Johnson House"></​html> ​  |River Road, [[Hebron]] ​ |c.[[1797]] |06 Feb 1989| 
-|[[Rev. Robert E. Kirtley House]]|{{​100|Rev. Robert E. Kirtley House}} |River Road, [[Hebron]]| | | +|[[Rev. Robert E. Kirtley House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Rev. Robert E. Kirtley House" src="​​search/​asset/​33362/​1"​ width="​100" title="​Rev. Robert E. Kirtley House"></​html> ​|River Road, [[Hebron]]| | | 
-|[[John C. Mayhugh House]]|{{​100|John C. Mayhugh House}} |Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]| | |+|[[John C. Mayhugh House]]|<​html><​img alt="​John C. Mayhugh House" src="​​search/​asset/​29184/​0"​ width="​100" title="​John C. Mayhugh House"></​html> ​|Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]| | |
 |[[W. F. and Florence McKim House/​Crisler House]]| |S. Orient Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]| |22 Feb 2007| |[[W. F. and Florence McKim House/​Crisler House]]| |S. Orient Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]| |22 Feb 2007|
-|[[Morris T. Lassing House]] ​ |{{​100 |Morris T. Lassing House}} |[[roads|U.S.42]],​ [[Union]] ​ |[[1820s]], [[1840s]]-[[1850s]],​ 1940s  |14 June 1990|  +|[[Morris T. Lassing House]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​Morris T. Lassing House" src="​​search/​asset/​29367/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Morris T. Lassing House"></​html> ​|[[roads|U.S.42]],​ [[Union]] ​ |[[1820s]], [[1840s]]-[[1850s]],​ 1940s  |14 June 1990|  
-|[[l.a. loder house|Loder House]] ​ |{{|L.A. Loder House}}   |Front Street, [[Petersburg]] ​ |c.[[1840]] |06 Feb 1989| +|[[l.a. loder house|Loder House]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​L.A. Loder House" src="​​search/​asset/​27330/​0"​ width="​100" title="​L.A. Loder House"></​html> ​  |Front Street, [[Petersburg]] ​ |c.[[1840]] |06 Feb 1989| 
-|[[Mrs. M. Miller Farm]] ​  |{{​100 |Mrs. M. Miller Farm}}|Beaver Road  |[[1850s]], late 19th Century | 06 Feb 1989| +|[[Mrs. M. Miller Farm]] ​  |<​html><​img alt="​Mrs. M. Miller Farm" src="​​search/​asset/​29113/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Mrs. M. Miller Farm"></​html> ​|Beaver Road  |[[1850s]], late 19th Century | 06 Feb 1989| 
-|[[terrill_house|John Moore House]]|{{,​_North_Bend.jpg?​100|Terril-Moore House}} |Taylorsport Road, [[North Bend]]| | | +|[[terrill_house|John Moore House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Terrill-Moore House" src="​​search/​asset/​22980/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Terrill-Moore House"></​html> ​|Taylorsport Road, [[North Bend]]| | | 
-|[[L.C. Norman House]] ​  |{{​100|L.C. Norman House}}   |Mt Zion Road, [[Union]]|c.[[1860]] |06 Feb 1989| +|[[L.C. Norman House]] ​  |<​html><​img alt="​L.C. Norman House" src="​​search/​asset/​29076/​0"​ width="​100" title="​L.C. Norman House"></​html>  ​|Mt Zion Road, [[Union]]|c.[[1860]] |06 Feb 1989| 
-|[[Richard Parker House]] ​ |{{|The Richard Parker House}}  ​|Belleview Road  | [[1856]] |06 Feb 1989  |+|[[Richard Parker House]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​The Richard Parker House" src="​​search/​asset/​33442/​0"​ width="​100" title="​The Richard Parker House"></​html> ​|Belleview Road  | [[1856]] |06 Feb 1989  |
 |[[Peters House]]| |3rd Street, [[Petersburg]]| |  |[[Peters House]]| |3rd Street, [[Petersburg]]| | 
-|[[prospect farm|Prospect Farm, J.C. Jenkins House]] ​ |{{|Prospect Farm, J.C. Jenkins House}} |Petersburg Road, [[Petersburg]] ​ |[[1860]] |06 Feb 1989| +|[[prospect farm|Prospect Farm, J.C. Jenkins House]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​Prospect Farm, J.C. Jenkins House" src="​​search/​asset/​33473/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Prospect Farm, J.C. Jenkins House"></​html> ​|Petersburg Road, [[Petersburg]] ​ |[[1860]] |06 Feb 1989| 
-|[[Rabbit Hash General Store]] ​ |{{​100|Craig'​s General Store in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky}} | [[Rabbit Hash]] ​ |[[1830s]], 1919|06 Feb 1989|  +|[[Rabbit Hash General Store]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​Craig'​s General Store in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky"​ src="​​search/​asset/​22936/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Craig'​s General Store in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky"></​html> ​| [[Rabbit Hash]] ​ |[[1830s]], 1919|06 Feb 1989|  
-|[[Ransom House]]|{{|Ransom House}} |Messmer Road, [[Verona]]| | |  +|[[Ransom House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Ransom House" src="​​search/​asset/​27104/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Ransom House"></​html> ​|Messmer Road, [[Verona]]| | |  
-|[[Thomas Zane Roberts House and Workshop]]|{{​100|Thomas Zane Roberts House}} |Middle Creek Road, [[burlington|Burlington]]|c. 1900|2011|  +|[[Thomas Zane Roberts House and Workshop]]|<​html><​img alt="​Thomas Zane Roberts House" src="​​search/​asset/​33953/​1"​ width="​100" title="​Thomas Zane Roberts House"></​html> ​|Middle Creek Road, [[burlington|Burlington]]|c. 1900|2011|  
-|[[Boone Fowler Rogers Barn]] ​ |{{|The Boone Fowler Rogers Barn}} |Belleview Road, [[Petersburg]] |c.[[1840]]|24 Aug 2000|  +|[[Boone Fowler Rogers Barn]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​The Boone Fowler Rogers Barn" src="​​search/​asset/​27355/​0"​ width="​100" title="​The Boone Fowler Rogers Barn"></​html>​|Belleview Road, [[Petersburg]] |c.[[1840]]|24 Aug 2000|  
-|[[william_b_rogers_house|William B. Rogers House ]]   |{{|William B. Rogers House}}  ​|Sycamore Street, [[Belleview]] ​ |1903|06 Feb 1989|+|[[william_b_rogers_house|William B. Rogers House ]]   |<​html><​img alt="​William B. Rogers House" src="​​search/​asset/​33439/​0"​ width="​100" title="​William B. Rogers House"></​html> ​|Sycamore Street, [[Belleview]] ​ |1903|06 Feb 1989|
 |[[Henry and Agnes Rolsen House]]| |Dry Creek Road, [[Constance]]| | | |[[Henry and Agnes Rolsen House]]| |Dry Creek Road, [[Constance]]| | |
-|[[Dr. Rouse House]] ​  |{{​100 |Dr. Rouse House}}  |Main Street, [[Florence]] ​ |1920s |25 Nov 2005| +|[[Dr. Rouse House]] ​  |<​html><​img alt="​Dr. Rouse House" src="​​search/​asset/​33480/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Dr. Rouse House"></​html> ​ |Main Street, [[Florence]] ​ |1920s |25 Nov 2005| 
-|[[ryle_s_supermarket_and_odd_fellows_building|Ryle’s Super Market and Odd Fellows Building]] ​  |{{|Ryle's Supermarket and office}} ​ ​|Tanner Street, [[Petersburg]]|c.1913|06 Feb 1989|  +|[[ryle_s_supermarket_and_odd_fellows_building|Ryle’s Super Market and Odd Fellows Building]] ​  |<​html><​img alt="​Ryle'​s Supermarket and Office"​ src="​​search/​asset/​27373/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Ryle's Supermarket and Office"></​html> ​ ​|Tanner Street, [[Petersburg]]|c.1913|06 Feb 1989|  
-|[[Smith House/​Thomas Vest House]]|{{​100]]|Walton-Verona Road, [[Walton]]| | | +|[[Smith House/​Thomas Vest House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Smith House/​Thomas Vest House" src="​​search/​asset/​29914/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Smith House/​Thomas Vest House"></​html>​|Walton-Verona Road, [[Walton]]| | | 
-|[[J. Q. A. Stephens House/Ryle Homestead]]|{{​100|Ryle Homestead}}|Rabbit Hash Road, [[union|Union]]| | | +|[[J. Q. A. Stephens House/Ryle Homestead]]|<​html><​img alt="​Ryle Homestead"​ src="​​search/​asset/​27322/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Ryle Homestead"></​html> ​|Rabbit Hash Road, [[union|Union]]| | | 
-|[[Dr. John E. Stevenson House]]|{{http://​|Dr. John E. Stevenson House}} |Beaver Road|c.[[1870]]|24 Aug 2000| +|[[Dr. John E. Stevenson House]]|<​html><​img alt="​DrJohn EStevenson House" src="​https:​//​client/​en_US/​search/​asset/​23464/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Dr. John E. Stevenson House"></​html> ​|Beaver Road|c.[[1870]]|24 Aug 2000| 
-|[[George W. Terrill House]] ​  |{{|The George W. Terrill House}}|[[Petersburg]] Road|c.[[1865]] |06 Feb 1989|  +|[[George W. Terrill House]] ​  |<​html><​img alt="​The George W. Terrill House" src="​​search/​asset/​33475/​0"​ width="​100" title="​The George W. Terrill House"></​html>​|[[Petersburg]] Road|c.[[1865]] |06 Feb 1989|  
-|[[J.G. Tomlin House]] ​ |{{|The George WTerrill ​House}}|North Main Street, [[Walton]] |c.[[1885]],​ 1920 |25 Nov 2005| +|[[J.G. Tomlin House]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​The J.G. Tomlin House" src="​​search/​asset/​33403/​0"​ width="​100" title="​J.G. Tomlin ​House"></​html> ​|North Main Street, [[Walton]] |c.[[1885]],​ 1920 |25 Nov 2005| 
-|[[Utz House]]| ​{{​100|Utz House}}|Bullitsville Road, [[Burlington]]|[[1825]]-[[1850]]| | +|[[Utz House]]| ​<​html><​img alt="​Utz House" src="​​search/​asset/​33377/​1"​ width="​100" title="​Utz House"></​html>​|Bullitsville Road, [[Burlington]]|[[1825]]-[[1850]]| | 
-|[[Verona High School]] ​ |{{​100 |Verona High School}} |Walton-Verona Road, [[Verona]] ​ |1914 |03 Dec 2002 |  +|[[Verona High School]] ​ |<​html><​img alt="​Verona High School"​ src="​​search/​asset/​30028/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Verona High School"></​html>  ​|Walton-Verona Road, [[Verona]] ​ |1914 |03 Dec 2002 |  
-|[[Watts House]]|{{ House}} |Williams Road, [[Hebron]]| | | +|[[Watts House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Watts House" src="​​search/​asset/​22950/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Watts House"></​html> ​|Williams Road, [[Hebron]]| | | 
-|[[Wingate-Gaines Farm]]|{{}}|Whitton Road, [[Petersburg]]| | | +|[[Wingate-Gaines Farm]]|<​html><​img alt="​Wingate-Gaines Farm" src="​​search/​asset/​33482/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Wingate-Gaines Farm"></​html>​|Whitton Road, [[Petersburg]]| | | 
Line 89: Line 101:
 ^Name^Photograph^Location^Date Constructed^Date Added to the NR^ ^Name^Photograph^Location^Date Constructed^Date Added to the NR^
 |[[clerk_s_building|Clerk'​s Building]]|{{http://​​Repository/​BE0148.JPG?​100|Clerk'​s Office}}|Gallatin Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1853]]|19 June 1979| |[[clerk_s_building|Clerk'​s Building]]|{{http://​​Repository/​BE0148.JPG?​100|Clerk'​s Office}}|Gallatin Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1853]]|19 June 1979|
-|[[courthouse|Courthouse]]|{{ |The Boone County Courthouse}}|Washington Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1889]]|19 June 1979| +|[[courthouse|Courthouse]]|<​html><​img alt="​The Boone County Courthouse"​ src="​​search/​asset/​27314/​0"​ width="​100" title="​The Boone County Courthouse"></​html> ​|Washington Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1889]]|19 June 1979| 
-|[[dr._crisler_house|Dr. Crisler House]]|{{​100|Dr. Crisler House}}|South Orient Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1890s]]|19 June 1979|+|[[dr._crisler_house|Dr. Crisler House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Dr. Crisler House" src="​​search/​asset/​27982/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Dr. Crisler House"></​html> ​|South Orient Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1890s]]|19 June 1979|
 |[[renaker-_kirtley|Renaker-Kirtley House]]|{{http://​​Repository/​be0140.JPG?​100|The Renaker-Kirtley House}}|Public Square,​[[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1830s]]|19 June 1979| |[[renaker-_kirtley|Renaker-Kirtley House]]|{{http://​​Repository/​be0140.JPG?​100|The Renaker-Kirtley House}}|Public Square,​[[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1830s]]|19 June 1979|
-|[[rice_house|Rice House]]| ​{{|The Rice House}}|Gallatin Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1890s]]|19 June 1979|  +|[[rice_house|Rice House]]|<​html><​img alt="​The Rice House" src="​​search/​asset/​27230/​0"​ width="​100" title="​The Rice House"></​html> ​|Gallatin Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1890s]]|19 June 1979|  
-|[[erastus_tousey_house|Erastus Tousey House]]|{{​100|Erastus Tousey House}}|Jefferson Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1822]]|19 June 1979| +|[[erastus_tousey_house|Erastus Tousey House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Erastus Tousey House" src="​​search/​asset/​28185/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Erastus Tousey House"></​html>​|Jefferson Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1822]]|19 June 1979| 
-|[[foster-sanford_house|Foster-Sanford House]]|{{​100|Foster-Sandford ​House}}|Jefferson Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1840s]]|19 June 1979|+|[[foster-sanford_house|Foster-Sanford House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Foster-Sanford House" src="​​search/​asset/​33384/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Foster-Sanford ​House"></​html> ​|Jefferson Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1840s]]|19 June 1979|
 |[[burlington_presbyterian_church|Burlington Presbyterian Church]]|{{http://​​Repository/​be0137.JPG?​100|The Burlington Presbyterian Church}}|Jefferson Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1830s]]|19 June 1979|  |[[burlington_presbyterian_church|Burlington Presbyterian Church]]|{{http://​​Repository/​be0137.JPG?​100|The Burlington Presbyterian Church}}|Jefferson Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1830s]]|19 June 1979| 
 |[[mcmullen-ryle_house|McMullen-Ryle House]]| |[[burlington|Burlington]] |1920| | |[[mcmullen-ryle_house|McMullen-Ryle House]]| |[[burlington|Burlington]] |1920| |
 |[[sallee_house|Sallee House, BE-135]]| |[[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1830s]]| | |[[sallee_house|Sallee House, BE-135]]| |[[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1830s]]| |
-|[[burlington_methodist_church|Burlington Methodist Episcopal Church]]|{{​100Burlington Methodist}}|Jefferson Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1837]]|19 June 1979|+|[[burlington_methodist_church|Burlington Methodist Episcopal Church]]|<​html><​img alt="​Burlington Methodist Episcopal Church"​ src="​​search/​asset/​33578/​1"​ width="​100" title="​Burlington Methodist ​Episcopal Church"></​html> ​|Jefferson Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1837]]|19 June 1979|
 |[[reviving_the_central_house|Central House Hotel]]| ​ |Jefferson Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1840s]]|19 June 1979| |[[reviving_the_central_house|Central House Hotel]]| ​ |Jefferson Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1840s]]|19 June 1979|
-|[[peoples_deposit_bank|Peoples Deposit Bank]]|{{​100|Peoples Deposit Bank}}|Jefferson Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|1906|19 June 1979| +|[[peoples_deposit_bank|Peoples Deposit Bank]]|<​html><​img alt="​Peoples Deposit Bank" src="​​search/​asset/​27445/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Peoples Deposit Bank"></​html> ​|Jefferson Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|1906|19 June 1979| 
-|[[Boone County Deposit Bank]]|{{​100|Boone County Deposit Bank, Opening Day, 1925}}|[[burlington|Burlington]]|1924| |+|[[Boone County Deposit Bank]]|<​html><​img alt="​Boone County Deposit Bank, Opening Day, 1925" src="​​search/​asset/​28265/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Boone County Deposit Bank, Opening Day, 1925"></​html>​|[[burlington|Burlington]]|1924| |
 |[[joseph_graves_house|Joseph Graves House]]| ​ |[[burlington|Burlington]]|c.[[1817]]| ​ | |[[joseph_graves_house|Joseph Graves House]]| ​ |[[burlington|Burlington]]|c.[[1817]]| ​ |
 |[[stephens-gaines_house|Stephens-Gaines House]]| ​ |[[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1890s]]| | |[[stephens-gaines_house|Stephens-Gaines House]]| ​ |[[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1890s]]| |
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 |[[boone_county_recorder|Boone County Recorder Building]]| ​ |Washington Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|1939|19 June 1979| |[[boone_county_recorder|Boone County Recorder Building]]| ​ |Washington Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|1939|19 June 1979|
 |[[earl_s_barber_shop|Earl'​s Barber Shop]]| ​ |[[burlington|Burlington]]|1930s| ​ | |[[earl_s_barber_shop|Earl'​s Barber Shop]]| ​ |[[burlington|Burlington]]|1930s| ​ |
-|[[boone_county_jail|Boone County Jail]]|{{​100}}|Washington Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|1928|19 June 1979| +|[[boone_county_jail|Boone County Jail]]|<​html><​img alt="​Boone County Jail" src="​​search/​asset/​27789/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Boone County Jail"></​html> ​|Washington Street, [[burlington|Burlington]]|1928|19 June 1979| 
-|[[senator_s._walker_tolin_house|S. Walker Tolin House]]|{{​100}}|Washington Street,​[[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1890s]]|19 June 1979|+|[[senator_s._walker_tolin_house|S. Walker Tolin House]]|<​html><​img alt="​S. Walker Tolin House" src="​​search/​asset/​27171/​0"​ width="​100" title="​S. Walker Tolin House"></​html> ​|Washington Street,​[[burlington|Burlington]]|[[1890s]]|19 June 1979|
 =====Rabbit Hash Historic District===== =====Rabbit Hash Historic District=====
 ^Name^Photograph^Location^Date Constructed^Date Added to the NR^ ^Name^Photograph^Location^Date Constructed^Date Added to the NR^
-|[[rabbit_hash_general_store|Rabbit Hash General Store]]|{{​100|Rabbit Hash General Store}}|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|c. [[1830]]|28 Dec 1988| +|[[rabbit_hash_general_store|Rabbit Hash General Store]]|<​html><​img alt="​Rabbit Hash General Store" src="​​search/​asset/​22936/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Rabbit Hash General Store"></​html> ​|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|c. [[1830]]|28 Dec 1988| 
-|[[rabbit_hash_blacksmith_shop|Blacksmith Shop]]|{{​=100}}|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|1900s|4 Dec 2003| +|[[rabbit_hash_blacksmith_shop|Blacksmith Shop]]|<​html><​img alt="​Blacksmith Shop" src="​​search/​asset/​27020/​0"​ width="100" title="​Blacksmith Shop"></​html> ​|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|1900s|4 Dec 2003| 
-|[[rabbit_hash_ironworks_building|Iron Works]]| ​{{​100}}|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|1910|4 Dec 2003| +|[[rabbit_hash_ironworks_building|Iron Works]]|<​html><​img alt="​Iron Works" src="​​search/​asset/​28646/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Iron Works"></​html> ​|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|1910|4 Dec 2003| 
-|[[rabbit_hash_doctor_s_office|Doctor'​s Office]]|{{​=100}}|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|c.[[1875]]|4 Dec 2003| +|[[rabbit_hash_doctor_s_office|Doctor'​s Office]]|<​html><​img alt="​Doctor'​s Office"​ src="​​search/​asset/​27016/​0"​ width="100" title="​Doctor'​s Office"></​html> ​|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|c.[[1875]]|4 Dec 2003| 
-|[[rabbit_hash_barn|Barn]]|{{}}|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|[[1890s]]|4 Dec 2003| +|[[rabbit_hash_barn|Barn]]|<​html><​img alt="​Rabbit Hash Barn" src="​​search/​asset/​27082/​0"​ width="100" title="​Rabbit Hash Barn"></​html> ​|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|[[1890s]]|4 Dec 2003| 
-|[[world_war_ii_veteran_s_memorial|WWII Veterans Memorial]]|{{​100}}|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|1945|4 Dec 2003| +|[[world_war_ii_veteran_s_memorial|WWII Veterans Memorial]]|<​html><​img alt="​World War II Veterans Memorial"​ src="​​search/​asset/​30186/​0"​ width="​100" title="​WWII Veterans Memorial"></​html> ​|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|1945|4 Dec 2003| 
-|[[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|{{}}|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|unknown|4 Dec 2003| +|[[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|<​html><​img alt="​Rabbit Hash Museum"​ src="​​search/​asset/​28642/​0"​ width="100" title="​Rabbit Hash Museum"></​html> ​|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|unknown|4 Dec 2003| 
-|[[early_settler_s_memorial|Early Settlers Memorial]]| ​{{​100}}|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|1984|4 Dec 2003| +|[[early_settler_s_memorial|Early Settlers Memorial]]|<​html><​img alt="​Early Settlers Memorial"​ src="​​search/​asset/​29462/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Early Settlers Memorial"></​html> ​|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|1984|4 Dec 2003| 
-|[[rabbit_hash_ferry_landing|Rabbit Hash Ferry Landing]]|{{​100}}|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|c. [[1842]]|4 Dec 2003|+|[[rabbit_hash_ferry_landing|Rabbit Hash Ferry Landing]]|<​html><​img alt="​Rabbit Hash Ferry Landing"​ src="​​search/​asset/​27036/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Rabbit Hash Ferry Landing"></​html> ​|Lower River Road, [[rabbit_hash|Rabbit Hash]]|c. [[1842]]|4 Dec 2003|
 =====S. Main Street Historic District, Walton===== =====S. Main Street Historic District, Walton=====
 ^Name^Photograph^Location^Date Constructed^Date Added to the NR^ ^Name^Photograph^Location^Date Constructed^Date Added to the NR^
-|[[Walton Christian Church]]|{{​100|Walton Christian Church}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|1940s|01 June 2005| +|[[Walton Christian Church]]|<​html><​img alt="​Walton Christian Church"​ src="​​search/​asset/​30073/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Walton Christian Church"></​html> ​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|1940s|01 June 2005| 
-|[[Robert W. Jones House]]|{{​100|Robert W. Jones House}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1913|01 June 2005|+|[[Robert W. Jones House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Robert W. Jones House" src="​​search/​asset/​27229/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Robert W. Jones House"></​html> ​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1913|01 June 2005|
 |[[Wilford Rice House]]| ​ |S. Main Steet, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1900|01 June 2005| |[[Wilford Rice House]]| ​ |S. Main Steet, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1900|01 June 2005|
-|[[houston-rouse_house|Houston-Rouse House]]|{{​100|Houston-Rouse House}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c.[[1875]]-[[1899]]|01 June 2005| +|[[houston-rouse_house|Houston-Rouse House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Houston-Rouse House" src="​​search/​asset/​27754/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Houston-Rouse House"></​html> ​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c.[[1875]]-[[1899]]|01 June 2005| 
-|[[walton_united_methodist_church|Walton United Methodist Church]]|{{​100|Walton United Methodist Church}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|1930s|01 June 2005|+|[[walton_united_methodist_church|Walton United Methodist Church]]|<​html><​img alt=Walton United Methodist"​ src="​​search/​asset/​30064/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Walton United Methodist Church"></​html>​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|1930s|01 June 2005|
 |[[Bob Conrad House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005| |[[Bob Conrad House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005|
-|[[george_nicholson_house|George Nicholson House]]|{{​100|George Nicholson House}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005|+|[[george_nicholson_house|George Nicholson House]]|<​html><​img alt="​George Nicholson House" src="​​search/​asset/​27692/​0"​ width="​100" title="​George Nicholson House"></​html>​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005|
 |[[Webster House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005| |[[Webster House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005|
-|[[D. B. Wallace House]]|{{​100|D.B. Wallace House}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1900-1910|01 June 2005| +|[[D. B. Wallace House]]|<​html><​img alt="​D.B. Wallace House" src="​​search/​asset/​27294/​0"​ width="​100" title="​D.B. Wallace House"></​html> ​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1900-1910|01 June 2005| 
-|[[bruce_and_llewellyn_wallace_house|Bruce and Llewellyn Wallace House]]|{{​100|Bruce and Llewellyn Wallace House}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|1930s|28 December 1986|+|[[bruce_and_llewellyn_wallace_house|Bruce and Llewellyn Wallace House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Bruce and Llewellyn Wallace House" src="​​search/​asset/​33449/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Bruce and Llewellyn Wallace House"></​html> ​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|1930s|28 December 1986|
 |[[A. Mott Rouse House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. [[1885]]|01 June 2005| |[[A. Mott Rouse House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. [[1885]]|01 June 2005|
 |[[Walton Rand Rouse House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1900|01 June 2005| |[[Walton Rand Rouse House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1900|01 June 2005|
 |[[Walsh Ridenour House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. [[1875]]-[[1899]]|01 June 2005| |[[Walsh Ridenour House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. [[1875]]-[[1899]]|01 June 2005|
-|[[rebecca_sleet_house|Rebecca Sleet House]]|{{​100|Rebecca Sleet House}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1900|01 June 2005|+|[[rebecca_sleet_house|Rebecca Sleet House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Rebecca Sleet House" src="​search/​asset/​29543/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Rebecca Sleet House"></​html>​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1900|01 June 2005|
 |[[Emma Jane Miller House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1900|01 June 2005| |[[Emma Jane Miller House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1900|01 June 2005|
-|[[Robert and Rebecca W. Ratcliff House]]|{{​100|Robert and Rebecca W. Ratcliff House}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]] |c. 1910|01 June 2005| +|[[Robert and Rebecca W. Ratcliff House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Robert and Rebecca W. Ratcliff House" src="​​search/​asset/​28044/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Robert and Rebecca W. Ratcliff House"></​html>​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]] |c. 1910|01 June 2005| 
-|[[willis_berkshire_house|Willis Berkshire House]]|{{​100|Willis Berkshire House}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005| +|[[willis_berkshire_house|Willis Berkshire House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Willis Berkshire House" src="​​search/​asset/​30161/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Willis Berkshire House"></​html> ​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005| 
-|[[bill_kraus_house|Bill Kraus House]]|{{​100}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]] |c. 1910|01 June 2005|+|[[bill_kraus_house|Bill Kraus House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Bill Kraus House" src="​​search/​asset/​28004/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Bill Kraus House"></​html>​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]] |c. 1910|01 June 2005|
 |[[Charles Carlisle House]]| ​ |S. Main Street,​[[walton|Walton]]|1930s|01 June 2005| |[[Charles Carlisle House]]| ​ |S. Main Street,​[[walton|Walton]]|1930s|01 June 2005|
 |[[Charles Thompson House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|1930s|01 June 2005| |[[Charles Thompson House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|1930s|01 June 2005|
 |[[Vernon James House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1910|01 June 2005| |[[Vernon James House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. 1910|01 June 2005|
-|[[Edwards House]]|{{​100}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005|+|[[Edwards House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Edwards House" src="​​search/​asset/​33448/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Edwards House"></​html> ​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005|
 |[[Harris Moore House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. [[1850]]-[[1874]]|01 June 2005| |[[Harris Moore House]]| ​ |S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|c. [[1850]]-[[1874]]|01 June 2005|
-|[[jack_johnson_house|Jack Johnson House]]|{{​100}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005| +|[[jack_johnson_house|Jack Johnson House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Jack Johnson House" src="​​search/​asset/​29050/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Jack Johnson House"></​html> ​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005| 
-|[[chandler_house|Chandler House]]|{{​100}}|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005|+|[[chandler_house|Chandler House]]|<​html><​img alt="​Chandler House" src="​​search/​asset/​27081/​0"​ width="​100" title="​Chandler House"></​html> ​|S. Main Street, [[walton|Walton]]|Early 20th Century|01 June 2005|
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