Chronicles of Boone County

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Native Americans in Boone County: Adena: Moundbuilders Teachers Kit

Grades: 4-6 Subjects: History, Archaeology, Anthropology

Learning Goal: To understand the importance of other cultures that settled in Boone County and the effects it has on individuals who live here today.

The Adena People:Moundbuilders of Kentucky
VIDEO: The Adena People: Moundbuilders of Kentucky, 6 minutes, illustrates the earthworks and artwork of Kentucky's Adena people ©2000 Kentucky Heritage Council

Teaching Activities & Content Discussion Questions Common Core State Standards

Suggested Reading Material

Adena Woodland Period Moundbuiliders of the Bluegrass

More Information

* Native Americans in Boone County: Adena Resource Page

All material is digitized as part of the Native Americans in Boone County Teacher Kit. Materials within the Native Americans in Boone County Teacher Kit are used for educational purposes only by the Kentucky Heritage Council and the National Parks Serive.

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