Chronicles of Boone County

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Perry Cason

From the August 14th, 1901 edition of the Boone County Recorder highlighting the many prominent citizens of Boone County

Perry E. Cason was born in this county January 20, 1870. He attended the best schools of the county, after which he entered the Law department of the University of Louisville, from which he graduated with honor, on April 25, 1891. He began the practice of law in Covington, but soon located in Burlington, where he has since followed his profession successfully. He was married to Miss Blanch Lewis Parker, of Petersburg, a member of one of the oldest and most popular families in Boone County. Mr. Cason was nominated for county judge by the Democrats, last April, having pulled down the victory over two of the most elegant gentlemen and best Democrats in the county. He is the first lawyer nominated for that office in many years; and his administration of the office will be one of the best in the history of the county, says many of his friends.

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