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Pre-Civil War Indentures in Boone County

Compiled for the African Americans in Boone County Project sponsored by Preservation Kentucky. All accounts from Boone County Order Book, 1854-1855. Microfilm. Boone County Public Library. Burlington, Kentucky.

5 February 1855

  • G. H. Brown, captain, P. S. Ryle, C. T. Lodge, Robt. Piatt, Jas. Calvert, Lewis Piatt, Ganett/Garett Vanness, Thadeus Ryle & Walton Kelly apptd patrollers for East Bend Magistrate – must patrol “12 hours in each month” while in office. (p. 146)

7 May 1855

  • Mary, free negro – 9 years old, bound by indenture to Wm. A. Moxley/Mosby until the age of 18 (p. 186)

Note: In 1860, William A. Moxley is living in Kenton County with his family. Mary is not listed with them, although she would have only been 14 years old at the time.

3 September 1855

  • Arthur, free negro, 17, & silas, about 21, bound by indenture to Wm. H. Grant until 21. Both sons of Jas. Gibbs, deceased, also Robert, son of James Gibbs, 15 years old bound to Robt Mosby. Doctor, son of James Gibbs, 12 years old, bound to James Early – all to learn farming.(p. 230)

Note: The Gibbs family stayed in the Petersburg area after the Civil War. Some of the family eventually moved to Aurora, Indiana.

5 November 1855

  • Deed of emancipation by Wm. M. Resspass 7 Wm. S. T. Spruill, dated 11 Sept. 1848, produced & declared legal (J. W. Menzies witness.(p. 263)
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