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Renaker-Kirtley House (BE 140)

The Renaker-Kirtley House Located on the public square behind the courthouse, this house is associated with several illustrious residents of Boone County. Built for Elijah Kirtley c. 1830, it housed the Boone House Hotel from 1830 to 1870. It later became the residence of Fountain Riddell–attorney, state legislator and founder of the Boone County Deposit Bank–and of A.B. Renaker, Riddell's son-in-law and cashier of the Deposit Bank.

A substantial brick I-house, its facade is pierced by five bays arranged in irregular fashion, suggesting the house was built in stages. The main doorway, with transom, is centered on the facade, and windows include 6/6 sashes. Twin chimneys rise from the end gables.

The building was included in the Burlington Historic District that was added to the National Register in 1979. It was later restored by Boone County in 1992 and now houses the County's Department of Human Services.

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