Chronicles of Boone County

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Early roads were established through orders of the County Court. They were usually maintained by the people who lived along the roads.

Eventually a series of turnpikes grew up to allow quicker travel through the county. Many of these were later replaced by state and interstate highways.



  • I-75
  • I-275
  • U.S. 25 (Dixie Highway)
  • U.S. 42
  • Ky 18
  • Ky 20


  • Beaver Lick-Richwood Turnpike
  • Belleview-Petersburg Turnpike
  • Burlington Turnpike
  • Burlington-Florence Turnpike
  • Burlington-Petersburg Turnpike
  • Covington-Lexington Turnpike
  • Georgetown-Cincinnati Turnpike
  • Louisville Turnpike

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