Chronicles of Boone County

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Robert E. Kirtley

The son of Robert Kirtley, Robert Edward Kirtley was born 7 February 1820.

On 3 November 1839, Robert and his brother, James Kirtley, joined the membership of Bullittsburg Baptist Church, being baptised by their father, who was also the church's pastor.

In 1842, Robert's brother Jeremiah Kirtley died, leaving behind four children and a widow, Mary Lacy Kirtley, whom Robert married in 1849.

Robert enlisted with the Confederate Army for the Civil War. He moved briefly to Missouri, where he was ordained in 1863, and served as a minister to several churches. Robert returned to Boone County, Kentucky in 1864. He routinely preached at Middle Creek, East Bend and Sand Run Baptist churches, and worked in the North Bend Association of Baptists for many years.

Robert E. Kirtley died 31 August 1898, after a long illness.

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