Chronicles of Boone County

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 +====== The Flying DaComas ======
 +In 1899, Art L. Reynolds, native of Ohio, bought the [[Kirtley family|William Kirtley]] farm in [[Boone County]]. He was a handsome, athletically built man, sporting a fashionable mustache. ​ He brought with him his wife, Rose and his three children. ​ Once everything was official, Art erected a large building there, for the family to practice their craft. ​ The building would certainly have been quite large; large enough for Art to throw his wife and daughter through the air, so his sons could catch them.  This building was not a barn, this building was a gymnasium, for aerialists.
 +The deed was written to Art Reynolds, but in his professional life, he was known as Art DaComa, of the “Flying DaComas,” Circus trapeze artists, from France. ​  At the time of the purchase of their Boone County property, the DaComas were a family of five, though there may have been others in the troupe throughout the years. ​ They were employed by the Ringling Brothers’ Circus, and even the youngest child, Eliza, was part of the act at a very young age.  As is sometimes the case with folks in entertainment,​ the DaComas (or the Reynolds family) were an unconventional bunch.
 +Imagine the impression they must have left on their farming neighbors, allowing the females in the family to dress in revealing costumes while they fly through the air above. ​ The males of the family might have been forgiven the athleticism,​ but not the lack of practical skills. They were decidedly NOT doing farm work, and weeds grew in unused fields. ​ In an agricultural community like Boone County, this family and their activities must have caused quite a bit of curiosity.  ​
 +The family toured with the Ringling Brothers for many years, and later with less well-known circuses and travelling "Wild West” shows of the day.  Though the records were spotty, the industry magazines, like //​Billboard//,​ carried many mentions of the family; their reputation in the circus community was well established. ​  The family was not of French origin, but it was popular during their time in the circus to have an exotic pedigree. ​ By official records, both Arthur and Rosa were American by birth, as were their parents.
 +Due to the nature of their work, and the travel it required, the Reynolds/​DaComa family did not stay long in Boone County. ​  They may have settled here briefly on a whim, or perhaps because it was a central location, with available real estate. ​ Whatever the reason, the Flying DaComas moved on, finally settling down in Florida, in a community of other circus performers.  ​
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