Chronicles of Boone County

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Tousey Family

Zera (1761 – 1831), Thomas (1775 – 1839) and Moses (1778 – 1834) Tousey settled in Boone County around 1803. They and were born in Woodbury, Connecticut but then migrated to Durham, Greene Co., NY before settling in Boone county around 1803. They settled on the Ohio River and built Touseytown north of Petersburg where they operated a ferry to Lawrenceburg IN. The family is well known to have occupied stately homes on both sides of the river. Omer Tousey, the son of Moses, bought the Vance house which was built in 1818 in Lawrenceburg, IN and settled there. Erastus Tousey, son of Zera, built his federalist style home in Burlington in 1822 that still stands today.

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