Chronicles of Boone County

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Violence against African Americans in Boone County

  • June 1876: Smith Williams was taken from the Burlington Jail and lynched. An incident (near Anderson Ferry) between Williams and a young white man named Fred Wahl led to Wahl being shot by Williams. Wahl died of his wounds three days after the incident. In 1870, 27 year old Williams was living in Covington with his wife, Melinda. He was working as a day laborer.
  • July 1876: Joe Payne was accused of assulting a daughter of Jacob Scott outside of Union and on the way to the Burlington Jail, he was pulled from the wagon by a mob and shot. Payne's body was left on the Gunpowder Creek near Pleasent Valley Road, where it was later found. The mob was never identified.
  • September 1879: Theodore Daniels, 25, in Union was hanged and then shot. He was accused of and confessed to attempted assult on Miss Georgia Billeter.
  • January 14, 1880: Charles Smith, 23 years old, was accused of arson and lynched at Gaines Tavern near Walton. The Daily Commonwealth, a local newpaper, reported on January 16th, that two Covington physicians traveled to Walton and retrieved Smith's remains from the base of the tree where he was hanged. Mr. Smith was taken to the Ohio Medical College in Cincinnati. In 1870, he was living in the Carlton area, now known as Rabbit Hash with siblings Elizabeth and Lafayette.
  • May 4, 1884: The Daily Commonwealth reported that Charles Dickerson, confessed thief, was forcibly taken from the Burlington Jail and hung from a maple tree one mile east of Burlington. According to the 1880 Census, 12 year old Dickerson was living in Grant County with a young African American family named Lewis. If the Census is accurate, Dickerson was 16 years old at the time of the lynching.
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