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William Milburn Glore House (BE 294)

William Milburn Glore House The Glore House is a stylish and well-preserved dwelling in the Gothic Revival style, built on the center-passage, double-pile plan. Local tradition asserts that the house cost $750 to build–a huge sum in that day. While neighbors thought the Glores foolish for such extravagance, they nonetheless traveled from far and wide to inspect the house.

The building is capped with a steeply pitched, cross-gabled roof of raised-seam metal; Italianate-style “sandwich” brackets accent the eaves. The main doorway is centered on the facade and incorporates a transom sash, bullseye corner blocks and chamfered colonnettes; a matching doorway is centered above, in the second story. The simple, one-bay entry porch is a sympathetic recent addition.

North of the house is the only documented double-crib log barn in the county, enclosed within a shed of newer timber construction. A large transverse-gable, timber-frame tobacco barn stands along the road.

The house was added to the National Register in 2001.

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