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Mouse is written by Jeff Stone. Reviewed by Josh Cochran.

This past week I have been reading a book called Mouse, the 6th book in the Five Ancestors Series by Jeff Stone (who I met thanks to going to the Blue Marble Book Store). In the Five Ancestors Series, the main characters (young Kung-Fu masters) take on names of animals that signify their Kung-Fu style. For example: Fu means tiger in Chinese, and Fu uses the tiger style of Kung-Fu. ShaoShu (Mouse) stows away on the enemy’s boat to help his friends Hok (Crane) and Ying (Dragon). Both of ShaoShu’s friends are youn Kung-Fu masters. ShaoShu’s friends’ enemies are the Emperor of China, the General Tonglong (Mantis), and his men, including his bodyguard, Lei. ShaoShu had stolen Tonglong’s telescope when he was unluckily caught by Lei’s cat, Mao. ShaoShu was first a small thief who could squeeze through small spaces and had a knack for stealing stuff. When he tried to steal from two Kung-Fu masters, the world changed for ShaoShu, and he was serving Tonglong, plus caught up in China’s affairs. I hope this will give you a good idea of what Mouse is like.