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July 7th, 2011

Crane is written by Jeff Stone. Reviewed by Josh Cochran.

This past week I read the 4th book in the Five Ancestors Series, Crane. Hok has hidden, disguised as a boy in Canghzen Temple for 9 years. When Canghzen is destroyed, Hok flees to Shaolin Temple. When Shaolin is also destroyed, Hok is blamed for it. She fights General Tsung (Monk) and gets her arm broken. Soon she gets to the Yellow River and, after waiting a long time, she is rescued by Charles, a Dutch boy who knows Hok’s mother. Hok reunites with her mother, Bing (Ice), and her little sister, GongJee (Princess). She trains to perform at The Dragon Boat festival. When the festival arrives some of the Resistance also arrives. Hok, Bing, GongJee, Charles, and the Bandits (the Resistance) are at the festival attacked by Tonglong and his men. This book is awesome.


July 7th, 2011

Savvy is written by Ingrid Law. Reviewed by Geoff Cochran.

Mississippi Beaumont is in a family full of talented people. Each member of her family has a special talent that they inherit on their 13th birthday. Take her brother Rocket, for example. He can shoot powerful bursts of electricity whenever, wherever. Mibs does not have anything special happen on her 13th birthday. When Mibs finds out that her father is injured, and only her big brother Rocket and her mom can go to see her dad in the hospital, Mibs isn’t exactly happy. So she and her other brother, Samson, sneak aboard a big pink bus, hoping that the bus is going towards the hospital. But the bus is not going the right way. The driver does not know that they are there, and, if he finds out, the kids will be in big trouble.

Conspiracy 365 Series

July 7th, 2011

Conspiracy 365 Series is written by Gabrielle Lord. Reviewed by Geoff Cochran.

Cal Ormand’s life is changed when he comes home to find his sister and uncle both seriously injured. He is forced to flee when the police accuse him of hurting both his sister and uncle. He soon becomes a wanted fugitive, living life on the run, and being falsely accused of many crimes. Gabrielle Lord did a great job writing this series, filling it with many cliffhangers and tons of edge-of-your-seat action. If you like Erec Rex or The Shadow Children series, you’ll like Conspiracy 365.