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Boone County Teacher Services

Learn how BCPL supports early literacy and education. More services are listed below!

Eligible teachers can use a Teacher Card to check-out up to 30 items for a six week period for use in the classroom. Items may include books, software, CDs, or DVDs. Seasonal books and high demand items may be subject to restrictions.

Assignment Alert
Complete an Assignment Alert Form, and we will reserve material at the YS Information Desk for you.
Book Discussion Kits
A Book Discussion Kit is a set of 12-15 paperback copies of a book, discussion questions, author information, book reviews, and information on how to run a successful book discussion group. Kits check out for 6 weeks and may not be renewed. Browse our collection of middle school and teen titles and to reserve a kit.
Class Tours
We are happy to give your class a tour, a storytime, or simply to check-out books. To schedule a time for a class visit at any of our locations please complete a Class Visit Request Form. We will contact you once we process your request. (Please pick-up library card applications in advance for children who do not have one.)
Collection Request
Complete a Teacher Collection Request Form, and we will pull material for your in-class project or program.
Community Center on Wheels (CCoW)
View our Community Center on Wheels page.
Core Connections Kits
Assist educators in teaching Kentucky Core Content and in meeting Common Core Reading Standards. Preview the contents of our Core Connections Kits.
Economics Curriculum Kits
These kits provide elementary teachers with materials and lesson plans to help teach the Kentucky Core Academic Standards for Economics/Financial Literacy and the Common Core Standards. The lesson plans are ready-to-use, with materials and books included. There are 3 copies of each kit. Preview the contents of our Economics Curriculum Kits.
Lit Kits
Provide a wonderful opportunity for interactive, early literacy experience to a small group of preschool children. View our Lit Kits Form for more information.
Youth Services gladly provides outreach services to certified, in-home childcare providers. Please call us at 859-342-2665 x8116 if you would like an Outreach Specialist to bring monthly Storytimes and special collections of books and music to your home. You can also email us at

Theme Kits

Theme Kits promote literacy while teaching preschool children about the world around them. You can place a Theme Kit on hold (limit: 2 at a time), download a PDF to preview the contents of all Theme Kits, or .

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