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Community Center on Wheels

Coloring Sheet
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What is the CCoW?

The CCoW (pronounced “cow”) enables us to deliver books and provide age-appropriate programs to more than 1200 children each month. We visit childcare centers, preschools, after-school programs, low-income housing, parks, public recreation sites, churches, and community centers. To schedule a visit, call 859-342-2665 x8116 or email

Guidelines for CCoW Visits

  • Centers are responsible for reminding teachers of the next visit.
  • Teachers must stay with the children at all times to maintain order and assist children.
  • The CCoW requires at least 50% of the teachers check-out for their entire enrollment.

Brief History

Boone County Success by 6 purchased the CCoW with grant money that the Dept. of Health and Human services awarded it in September 2004. BCPL has since taken over management.